It seems like every week I dig around the NFT dog park, I find something exciting and fun to play with. This week was no different. OpenSeap Pro is coming soon, an unreleased David Bowie record hit the tape as an NFT, and Donald Trump’s NFTs continue to fly following the recent charges. Here’s what’s happening in the metaverse.

OpenSea Pro Is Coming Soon

Yup, you read that right. OpenSea Pro is on the way and the company is already courting metaverse traders. It’s the right time for it too. Newcomer, Blur, has been taking market share from OpenSea in a big way. 

So, what is OpenSea Pro?

It’s a platform that pulls listings from 170 marketplaces across the metaverse to offer traders the best deals possible. Pro will also support “floor sweeping” trades, instant sales, inventory management, and more. Traders will even be able to optimize gas fees for more efficient trades.

Keep an eye on this story as Pro may be just what OpenSea needs to grab competitive advantage over Blur.  

David Bowie’s Music NFT

You’ve heard of David Bowie right? Well, some of his music never found its way to the public’s ears. In fact, that was the story of an unreleased record for years. Now, that’s changed as the record was released as an NFT. 

The NFT features a track that may seem familiar. That’s because it’s an unreleased version of “Let’s Dance.” 

Gala Music will be heading up the launch of 3,003 NFTs that showcase work inspired by the artist. Each NFT in the collection will come with exclusive access to the unreleased Bowie song. The drop’s happening on April 14th. So, be ready!

Donald Trump NFTs Continue to Fly

We talked about the Donald Trump debacle last week, but his NFTs continue to soar. Last week, that happened just after the indictment announcement. This week, the collection took flight following the announcement that charges were filed. 

Within 12 hours of the announcement, OpenSea reported surging popularity among in NFTs depicting the former President. More than 60 users purchased these kinds of NFTs within 12 hours of the announcement and most of them sold for about 0.5 ETH. The most expensive in the first 12 hours was an NFT of Donald Trump with a rifle in his head. It sold for 0.697 ETH. 

Keep an eye on Trump NFTs for trading opportunities as news surrounding his charges unfolds. 

We’ll See You Next Week

That’s all for this week. We’ll see you next Friday for the metaverse news recap.