It’s been another wild ride in the metaverse this week. An Argentinian airline is selling all tickets as NFTs, Trump was indicted sending his NFT sales through the roof, and tokenized real estate is becoming a very real thing. 

NFT Airline Tickets

NFTs have changed several industries already and may be making a fundamental change in the airline industry as we speak. Flybondi is a discount Argentinian airline that made a huge announcement. It’s integrating Web3 into its ticketing process. All e-tickets issued are now issued as NFTs. 

Why is using an NFT as a ticket such a big deal? Well, it’s really not, the big deal is the motive behind the move. 

In the future Flybondi plans on offering a more flexible travel experience with this tech. They’re hoping to make it possible for users to purchase NFT tickets without having to define exactly what their travel arrangements are or even having to define who the travelers are far before the trip. The move will have a positive impact on Flybondi in time as well – aside from simply adding to the demand from NFT enthusiasts. If all goes well, the airline will benefit from lower customer service costs and increased revenue related to NFT trading. 

Trump NFTs Soar

The news that Donald Trump was indicted shook the nation. I’m not here to take any political sides nor tell you if I think he’s innocent or guilty. I’m here for the love of NFTs my friends. In fact, the only reason I mentioned the indictment is because the moment it was handed down, Donald Trump NFTs started to see a significant uptick in trading volume. 

Trading volume grew by 461% in the 24 hours following the announcement and the Trump NFT floor price climbed 16%. 

Tokenized Real Estate Takes a Big Leap

Perhaps my favorite story of the week, tokenized real estate is taking a big leap. It’s one of my favorites because I wrote about what NFTs could do for the real estate industry long ago and it’s coming true. 

Homebase, a startup in the metaverse announced that it has tokenized its first single-family rental property. The single-family home had a value of $235,000. Homebase was able to get its hands on $246,800 for the residence in about two weeks by tokenizing it on Solana. The total amount raised includes money that was raised for the maintenance of the property. 

Nonetheless, following the tokenization, all holders in the property now share in its ownership, meaning NFTs are transforming the real estate and investing industries before our eyes. 

We’ll See You Next Week

That’s all for this week. We’ll see you next Friday with the week’s biggest metaverse stories.