This week has been an active one for the metaverse. We got some jaw-dropping stats about NFT sales in 2022, Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass collection dragged more than $6 million through the door in a matter of hours, and Rarible added a marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections. Read on for the details. 

2022 NFT Sales Top $101 Million

According to a DappRadar report, NFT sales jumped 67.57% last year to $101 million. The report showed that 21% of the market is dominated by Ethereum with more than 21.2 million transactions processed. Wax was next up with 14.5 million transactions, followed by Polygon with 13.3 million transactions, and Solana with 12.9 million. 

$101 million is a massive amount of money and with the growth in the NFT industry on a year-over-year basis, it’s just a drop in the bucket. At the current growth rate, 2023 may see around $170 million in NFT sales. 

Sewer Pass Nets $6 Million+ In Hours

Yuga Labs is the name behind the massively popular Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the creators made a big drop recently. On Wednesday, the company released Sewer Passes for minting. The move resulted in more than $6 million in total sales – that is, within hours of the launch. 

Those who own Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club were able to claim a free sewer pass. All others had to pay. 

The pass opens the door to Dookey Dash, a skill-based game that, as the name suggests, is full of shit. Nonetheless, the game is a big hit among BAYC and MAYC collectors as well as others in the metaverse. 

Rarible Adds Polygon-Collection Marketplace Builder

Rarible announced that it’s launching a marketplace builder that gives artists and projects the ability to customize marketplaces for their Polygon-based collections. According to a recent announcement, the new tool allows various customization options, including royalty-free adjustments. Moreover, the tool doesn’t require any coding – making it one of the most user-friendly options on the market. 

We’ll See You Next Week

We’re sure next week will be just as exciting in the metaverse. We’ll keep you posted with the latest and greatest news.