The NFT industry is buzzing this week. Art Basel in Miami set the stage for some big projects on the horizon. We’re talking Baby Shark, Porsche, and BMW big. Find the details of these upcoming projects below. 

Baby Shark Goes Blockchain

According to various sources, Pinkfong entered into a license agreement with Tokenz Collectibles, an NFT platform that targets children ages 12 and under. As part of the agreement, Pinkfong’s massively popular kid’s song and video, Baby Shark will be breaking into the blockchain. 

Content from Baby Shark will soon be tokenized and become part of a blockchain game with a family focus. Tokenz Collectibles will create and issue Baby Shark characters as NFTs in a child-safe digital land.

This is a beneficial agreement for all involved, including children. After all, Tokenz Collectibles aims to teach kids about the trading economy of digital collectibles. Notably, the Baby Shark tokens will allow children to participate in democratic decision-making for the platform. 

Porsche Plans January Launch

In other news, Porsche announced that it will launch a collection of 7,500 NFTs in January. Owners will be able to customize these tokenized Porsche vehicles for performance and aesthetics. 

Patrick Vogel will head up the creation of the NFT art and will focus the efforts on Porsche’s 911 series. Moreover, there are hints that gaming is the next step for Porsche. After all, its NFTs are being developed in Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 5. 

More is to come from Porsche’s Web3 strategy. In fact, in a statement, the company said “Digital art is just one aspect of Porche’s Web 3 strategy.” 

It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with next. 

BWM Files Web3 Trademarks

Finally, BMW applied to trademark its logo in relation to several Web3 products and services. These applications suggest BMW wants its logo on digital clothing, headwear, footwear, and other items. 

Final Thoughts

It’s been an exciting week in the metaverse. Come back next week to see what’s new!