Ukraine has been under attack from Russia for over a month now, and it has become clear that Russia didn’t realize the resilience of the Ukrainian people. While the fight continues to wage on, the Ukraine is in need of financial aid, and NFTs may just provide a big chunk of it. 

Ukraine Launches NFT Collection

According to several reports, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation in the country, Mykhailo Fedorov, has announced the launch of an NFT collection. 

According to the reports, the collection has been dubbed, “Meta History: Museum of War. 

The announcement came by way of Twitter in late March. According to the reports, the sales from the collection will go directly to the official crypto wallets of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to provide aid to the army and civilians afflicted and trapped in the ongoing conflict. 

According to the website behind the collection, it was launched for the following purposes:

  • The collection will memorialize the actual chronological events of the invasion period. 
  • The collection will also help in the dissemination of correct information throughout the digital community and the world. 
  • The collection is expected to help in the collection of donations to support Ukraine in its military efforts. 
  • The collection features what Ukraine calls “facts accompanied by personal reflections.”
  • All deals are 100% secure and backed by smart contracts. 
  • Finally, all NFTs will be sold on the Ethereum blockchain. 

According to the reports, the first sale will be assembled by a Ukrainian crypto start-up,, and will feature between 5,000 and 7,000 NFTs. Each NFT is expected to sell for around $450, bringing in up to $3 million for the country. 

The new initiative will support the Ukrainian military and celebrate the country’s identity and freedom. The country has been planning to dive into the industry since early March after the government canceled a planned cryptocurrency airdrop. 

Moreover, this isn’t the first time Ukraine has looked to the crypto community for donations. In fact, it launched an official crypto donations website back on March 14. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. What’s happening in Ukraine is horrible and it’s not surprising that many want to help the country get through its hard times. This new collection is an opportunity to do just that, setting the stage for millions of donations to pour into the country soon.