Recently, there’s been a long list of celebrities diving into the non-fungible token, or NFT, space. However, perhaps my favorite so far just announced his plans to join the crowd. Bill Murray will be launching his own NFT collection. 

Bill Murray NFTs Coming Soon

According to various reports, Bill Murray is going to be joining the metaverse with his own set of NFTs. The actor will be turning his life’s stories into a new collection using the website Chive. 

According to the reports, the project is expected to launch in April when the first 100 of 1,000 total NFTs will be minted. According to Chive, each token in the collection will feature an illustration of Murray by David Grizzle, along with the text of a Murray tale that was either shared by Murray himself or verified by previous accounts. 

Though there are plenty of reports surrounding this new project, there’s no indication as to how many of Murray’s stories will be turned into NFTs. However, John Resig, co-founder of Chive, shared one of the stories on Instagram. 

The picture having to do with the story showed Bill holding a very old BlackBerry. 

At the time, Murray gave the phone a nickname, Bill Urry, because the M key hadn’t worked in about five years. Of course, that means when Murray texted over a five year period, those texts came without the letter M. 

As part of the NFT collection, stories will feature Murray talking about encounters with fans and celebrities. It will also feature stories from his career. 

Moreover, some of the pieces in the collection will have philosophical musings and others will simply be about his own hobbies and quirks. Finally, Murray is expected to share his version of some of the stories that were shared in a 2018 documentary about him, known as “The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man.” However, Murray didn’t take part in the creation of that documentary.  

Murray’s stories are expected to be exciting, and there’s no shortage of them. 

One time, the actor drove a taxi cab around so the driver could practice the sax in the back seat. Another time, he crashed a student party in Scotland and offered to do the dishes. Of course, there’s the time he showed up at a bachelor party and gave a speech and the time he bartended South by Southwest. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Bill Murray is jumping into the NFT industry in a very unique way. Moreover, fans of the actor will likely enjoy learning more about his life and career through the collection. As such, it’s likely to be a big hit!