Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show is a big hit, and the host of the show is known for quirky ideas and fun conversations. Well, it looks like Ellen is taking the show to the next step with an NFT performance that aired on the show yesterday. 

NFTs Hit Ellen

A band of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, performed on Ellen yesterday in what the show called the first performance of its kind. 

The characters in the band came from the Milkyway Pirates NFT collection. A collection that received a seed investment from QGlobe, a metaverse and Web 3 accelerator program. 

 The four tokens were banded together by pop artist Kiesza, an artist that performed alongside the NFT band. 

This was all part of the rollout of Kieza’s new record, “Tommy,” a record that was released just after the airing of the show. During the performance, the characters in the NFT band performed Meta Moves, or interoperable dance emotes that pay royalties to their creators, according to a press release. 

DeGeneres has long been known as a proponent of the NFT and cryptocurrency concept. In fact, in April of last year, she hosted a Dogecoin-themed interview with Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and crypto enthusiast. 

Later, the show auctioned off a hand-drawn NFT that sold for $33,500. 

Other talk shows have had NFTs as guest appearances too. In fact, the Bored Ape Yacht Club appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” On the show, Paris Hilton and Fallon discussed their new apes along with Moonpay, an NFT marketplace. 

Key Commentary

In a press release about the appearance on Ellen, Kiesza had the following to offer:

“The Milkyway Pirates is an ambitious project that aims to set world records to innovate in music, blockchain, and space exploration. Funding aside, [QGlobe’s] metaverse and Web 3 backgrounds have turned this project into a serious contender.”

The Bottom Line

When multiple talk shows begin to feature a new technology or concept, that tech or concept tends to see dramatic gains in popularity. That’s exactly the case for NFTs, and as they continue to make appearances, the industry is only likely to grow larger.