The Bored Ape Yacht Club has been all over the place, with a forthcoming book, multiple celebrity collectors, and even a band. Now, it looks like the NFT collection is making its way into beauty. 

Bored Apes Beauty Collaboration

According to multiple reports, the Glamour Dolls independent beauty label now has a collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club with a goal of returning to the market with a bang. 

Glamour Dolls took a bit of a hiatus after a legal dispute with Lisa Frank. However, the company is hitting the ground running with a new beauty line featuring two NFTs from the BAYC. 

The two apes include Boed Ape #8240 and Bored Ape #772. Of course, Glamour Dolls collaborated with the owners of the apes. 

The new products include CBD skin care, body care, and hair care products. Candles are also being thrown in the mix. 

This isn’t the first company collaborating with BAYC owners. In fact, Adidas and PrettyLittleThing have also launched their own Bored Ape collaborations. 

Glamour dals is also launching a discord group as part of the collaboration and considering launching NFTs for its brand. 

Key Commentary

In a statement, Peter Georgotas, co-founder at Glamour Dolls and CEO of Ethereal Holdings, it’s newly-formed parent company, had the following to offer:

“We’re in an exciting new space that doesn’t have a lot of history. This is part of what Glamour Dolls does. We get in the mix with all of the new fun stuff and see where it all goes, sometimes to our benefit. 

Each product will have a 10,000-piece run that will be dropped in batches over the next four months. Users who sign up for the brand’s mailing list on its site will have first access to purchase, with products available through the brand’s DTC site. 

[The brand will] have a real collectible aspect to them that would appeal to the NFT community and the Bored Ape community, because these are some of the first real products that are featuring Bored Apes in an official capacity

“Beauty is always at the forefront of pop culture. Our thought was by making these really great products, from both an art and an actual product standpoint, we could help people dip their toes into the water, get some exposure to NFTs and learn about the language.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. The BAYC is one of the most successful NFT collections in history, and with continued collaborations, it looks like it may be the most successful in the future as well. All told, BAYC members must be smiling ear to ear.

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