Recently, we’ve heard about several artists banning together in an effort to help Ukraine as the country deals with an invasion from Russia. Now, even more help is on the way as another crowd of NFT developers work to do more of the same. 

NFTs to Benefit Ukraine Non-Profit Organizations

In a press release issued this morning, NFT Carnival, whose creators claim it’s the first digital gallery event series for NFTs, is hosting an art gallery on the second floor of Immersiverse at the iconic Speakeasy in Austin, Texas. 

According to the release, a featured collection in the gallery showcases NFTs by, Lighthouse Ukraine and Metacurio, all of which are currently for sale benefitting Ukraine non-profit organizations. 

One in the collection, #ukrflagman, is a generative drop from Dadara and These specific NFTs are a spin on Dadara’s Greyman, an iconic piece that brought Dadara to stardome. This special edition features Greyman standing in front of a blue and yellow pixelated background. 

Also, according to the release, profits from the sale will be going to the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council and the Web3 Developer fund, which benefits Ukrainian web3 developers and hospitals in the region. 

Another collection was created by Wladimir Kitschko and WhIsBe, known as “Vandalz for Ukraine: WhIsBe x Wladimir Klitschko”. This collection features four open editions of the artist’s “Vandal Gummy” bears in the colors of the Ukraine flag. Proceeds from this collection will go to Red Cross Ukraine and UNICEF Ukraine. The sales will go directly to resources most directly needed by Ukraine in its defense as Russia continues to invade.  

This isn’t the first time NFTs have benefited Ukraine either. 

In fact, through a partnership between Lighthouse NFT and art galleries in Kyiv to create the Lighthouse Ukraine collection. The collection features the chronicles of war, showing exclusive works from artists and children in bomb shelters, and NFTs made of photos from works of art that were destroyed in the invasion. 

As part of this project, funds are directed to the Ukrainian artists and their families affected by the war in an attempt to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. 

Several other gallery collections will be featured from Vet Television, Lightning Works, Amrita, Blockcities, and more. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. NFTs have been used to help various causes. Now, as an invasion threatens the Ukraine, as well as the global economy and geopolitical condition, NFTs are helping once again.