Warner Brothers is one of the most successful entertainment companies that was ever created, and DC is one of the most successful names in super heroes. Now, Warner Brothers and its DC brand seem to be getting into NFTs. Here’s what’s going on:

Warner Brothers to Launch DC NFTs

According to various reports, Warner Brothers plans on creating over 6 million DC Comics-inspired trading cards. Each trading card will be packaged with a redeemable NFT and the collection will be going live later this month. 

The reports suggest that the design of the cards will be done by Cartamundi, a card and board game company. The company will feature 155 different superheroes in its designs and the cards will be minted on the Ethereum sidechain, Immutable X. 

The reports also suggest that the entertainment company will produce a few limited-edition cards that display imagery and characters from the latest DC Comics film, “The Batman.”

How to Get Your Hands On the Cards

As mentioned above, the playing cards, and accompanying NFT collection will go live later this month. Once it does, those interested in buying a piece from the collection will need to download a mobile app called Hro. 

Using the App, collectors will be able to redeem their physical cards’ NFT components as well as buy, sell, or trade other NFTs from the collection. 

At the launch, pieces of the collection will range from $5 to $120, depending on the rarity of the piece. 

This Isn’t Warner Brothers’ First Time In the Metaverse

Warner Brothers has shown quite a bit of interest in the metaverse as of late. In fact, the announcement of the playing cards coming down the road comes on the heels of an announcement that Warner Music Group partnered with a play-to-earn NFT game known as Splinterlands. 

Under the partnership, the two will give musical artists greater access to NFT marketplaces. 

Key Commentary

In a statement, Pam Lifford, President of Global Brands and Experiences at Warner Brothers, had the following to offer:

“Trading cards have been a favorite of fans for decades. Combining that enthusiasm for collecting with a custom NFT is just brilliant.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. NFTs have the potential to create tremendous value while connecting fans with the brands they love. Warner Brothers has no intention of missing out on the trend. With this new collection launch DC fans have plenty to look forward to.