Lately, it seems as though every day there’s another massive company diving into the Web 3.0 world, and today isn’t any different. In a press release issued this morning, Papa Johns, a pizza powerhouse, announced the launch of its own NFT collection. 

Papa Johns Drops NFTs

In the release, Papa Johns announced the drop of its “collection of cool and collectible NFTs.” The tokens have been launched as, what Papa Johns believes to be, part of the metaverse’s biggest global non-fungible token giveaway. 

The company went on to explain that the NFTs will be featured in the second release of its Papa X Cheddar marketing campaign, one that surrounds the delicious new Cheddar range that’s launching in several international markets, including the UAE, Qatar, Spain, Ecuador, and El Salvador. 

About the Papa Johns NFT Collection

According to the release, the collection features about 19,840 NFTs. Moreover, nine on-trend bag designs inspired by the pizza delivery bag will be dropped on several dates throughout early March. 

The company went on to explain that the number of NFTs, 19,840, was chosen to represent the year the pizza company was founded, 1984. 

Aside from the delivery bag NFT designs, others, including Papa 1984 and Papa Cheese Melt, will be available in three brand color schemes and feature in the re-run of the Papa X Cheddar film and social campaign. 

How to Get Your Hands on the NFTs

If you want a Papa Johns NFT, you’re in luck. First and foremost, all pieces in the collection are absolutely free as the pizza giant is aimed at giving pizza fans around the world a slice of NFT magic. 

Interested collectors can get their hands on an NFT by scanning a QR code on a pizza box leaflet, scanning a QR code in the delivery confirmation email or clicking on promotional social media posts by your local Papa Johns. 

Management Commentary

In a statement, Jo Blundell, Vice President of International Marketing at Papa Johns, had the following to offer:

“There is so much global hype surrounding NFTs right now, but not everyone understands what they are or how to get one. That’s why Papa Johns is delighted to be bringing NFTs into the mainstream, making them available for pizza fans, digital art collectors and meta-professionals alike. In the short time it takes to order a pizza, people can get their hands on one of nine uber-cool NFT hot bag designs.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Yet another mainstream company sees value in the NFT space. So much in fact that it’s launching a collection of its own. All told, this is yet another feather in the hat for metaverse enthusiasts! 

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