Michael Jordan is one of the most popular names that ever lived in basketball. Now, the legend is making his way into the world of Web 3.0. Here’s what’s happening:

Michael Jordan Enters Web 3.0

As mentioned above, the NBA legend, Michael Jordan, is making his way into the Web 3.0 community. The move started when Jordan announced HEIR in December. HEIR is a Solana-based platform that’s designed to connect professional athletes with fans. 

Well, the first collection of NFTs from HEIR has been launched to bring founding users to the upcoming platform. 

According to various reports, the collection, known as 6 Rings NFTs, are inspired by Jordan’s career. One that led him to bring home six championship rings with the Chicago Bulls. 

With the launch, 5,005 total Solana NFTs were sold at 2.3 SOL each. That works out to about $221. The price, 2.3 SOL pointed to Jordan’s jersey number with the Bulls, 23. 

Originally, the startup wanted to sell 10,010 NFTs but later announced that it would be cutting the supply by half. Shortly after the announcement, the reduced supply was sold out. 

What Comes With the NFT?

Those that jump on the 6 Rings collection will be designated as “founding fans.” This designation will provide access to an upcoming platform that connects athletes and fans through Huddles. Huddle members will gain access to exclusive content from each athlete, as well as ask-me-anything sessions, merchandise, and more. 

So far, there hasn’t been talks of the exact athletes that will be included on the platform. However, in a recent twitter post, the company suggested that NBA legends and current players will be involved. Moreover, on the Discord for HEIR, there’s a suggestion that players from the high school level and up will be included. 

HEIR, the company behind the NFTs was the result of a collaboration between Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey JOrdan. Jeffrey is actually a co-founder of the fan engagement platform along  with Jeron Smith an ex-Nike team member and a marketing consultant, Daniel George. 

Key Commentary

In a comment, Jeffrey Jordan said:

“We’ll be exploring many ways to thoughtfully bring fans into the community, while always ensuring we are honoring our founding fans in a unique way.”

“Ultimately, lower gas fees and transaction costs were super critical to us,” he said, referring to the cost of moving funds or interacting with apps on a blockchain network. “We had a chance to work with their executive team and understand their vision for Solana and ultimately, we had alignment on ethos and shared sensibilities. They believe a lot of the same things we believe when it came to the Web3 space”

The Bottom Line

The Web 3.0 community is growing rapidly, and as long as big players continue to dive into the industry with screaming success, it only makes sense that this growth will keep moving. All told, this is great news for NFTs and the community as a whole. 

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