CrazySkullz is quickly becoming an overwhelmingly popular NFT collection, with floor prices rising and more and more enthusiasts diving into the collection. Now, enthusiasts have even more to look forward to from the collection. 

The CrazySkullz NFT World Has Launched

CrazySkullz and the expert builders at Meta Masters Media have teamed up to create the CrazySkullz world on NFT Worlds. The world features sick graphics and an incredible in-game experience. 

There are also tons of play-to-earn features. 

Nearly every week, a new competition is being launched, whether it be centered around parkour or one of the world’s several other games. The winner of the competition at the end of the week, claims the prize!

Talking about parkour, the entire map is a parkour course, complete with intriguing obstacles and unthinkable graphics. 

If parkour isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s plenty more opportunities to play, win, and potentially earn prizes. The two other games in the CrazySkullz world include:

  • Elytra. The sky becomes a race track in this high-flying, high-speed game. In the CrazySkullz world, you’ll find a series of rings floating in the sky. Try to get the best time flying through all the floating rings to win!
  • Crazy Maze. The CrazyScullz world is complete with a crazy maze. Are you an expert at mazes? Even if you are, this one has the potential to trip you up!

Space Is Limited

Keep in mind that while the CrazySkullz world is now live, there’s only limited space, and if you want to claim your spot, you’ll want to do it quickly. At the moment, the world supports 200 players at a time. If you’re not one of those 200, you won’t be able to get in!

Make sure you move quickly to get involved on the ground floor of the CrazySkullz World. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. CrazySkullz has launched a compelling world that gives players the opportunity to earn while they play. Whether you’re into parkour, racing, or intellectual games like mazes, the world has something for you. Click here or use your minecraft machine to go to to check out the world!