As play to earn games gain in popularity, Meta Masters Media is proud to announce the coming launch of the MMM Country Club. The MMM Country Club is our own unique golf course hosted in NFT Worlds where members can play for fun and to earn. 

When creating the country club, we wanted to target the play-to-earn community, but we also wanted to address one of the biggest issues in the industry. Many play-to-earn games are so centered around earning that the developers don’t spend enough time to make them visually appealing, or even fun for that matter. 

At Meta Masters Media, we pride ourselves in offering something new. 

We spared no expense to ensure that our Country Club would be fun to be part of and that earnings was icing on the cake. Now, it’s time for you to dive in and help this community really come to life. 

At this stage in the build, we need beta testers. Of course, we’ve got our own guys and gals, but we wanted to involve people from within the NFT community to take part too. There are only 20 available spots and those that take the spots will gain exclusive beta tester perks!!!

Fill out the form below to claim your spot before they’re gone!