The World Poker Tour is making waves in the metaverse today after announcing it would be launching its own NFT collection. Here’s what’s happening:

The World Poker Tour NFT Collection

As mentioned above, the World Poker Tour is creating quite a bit of excitement in the metaverse after announcing it would be launching its own NFT collection. 

The collection, known as ‘Poker Heroes Club,’ was created in collaboration with Web3 studio, GAMAVRS, and each item in the collection can be used. In fact, the Poker Heroes can be used as in-game avatars and virtual representations of players at the poker tables.  

All told, there are 10,000 avatars being produced in an effort to attract more players and create more engagement as more and more players begin to play exclusively online on virtual poker tables. 

If you decide to dive into the Poker Heroes collection, you’ll enjoy quite a few exclusive benefits for holders. These include the ability to join celebrity poker tables featuring WPT ambassadors. The avatars also grant holders access to ‘Million Dollar Giveaways,’ global WPT Live VIP Events and an exclusive ‘Members Only Club.’ 

The collection is expected to launch in March on the Polygon blockchain. Also, GAMAVRS is working on the development of the Gama Wallet to help players set up their avatars and access tables and events using their NFTs. 

Not to mention, GAMAVRS also facilitated the sale of an NFT featuring the most “Legendary Bluff in Poker History” from PHil Ivey. That NFT sold for a whopping 40 ETH, which works out to over $115,000. 

The Bottom Line

With the NFT industry booming, the World Poker Tour sees a compelling opportunity. Not only will the sale of NFTs likely drive significant revenue for the company, it will drive engagement in its online games, which is an even bigger plus than the immediate revenue. 

Ultimately, the creation of the NFT collection from the WPT is a great move as it will appeal to both, those already playing poker online, and those who don’t play poker online yet, but have an interest in technology and NFTs. 

As a result, we can expect the WPT audience to grow significantly ahead. At the same time, the news is yet another feather in the cap for the metaverse and NFT enthusiasts. 

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