If you’ve played Farmville, Words With Friends, or a long list of other popular titles, you’ve played games created by Zynga. Well, the company is making big changes, and the metaverse will benefit from the move. Here’s what’s going on:

Zynga Will Dive Into the Metaverse

There’s no question that when it comes to mobile gaming, Zynga is one of the clear leaders. However, the company also wants to become a clear leader in the metaverse. 

That’s why its CEO said that it would be launching blockchain-driven, NFT-based games within the next year. To do so, the company is beefing up its staff and looking for valuable acquisitions it can take part in. 

Not to mention, when the company says it plans on beefing up its staff to make this possible, those plans are big. At the moment, there are only about 15 employees at Zynga. However, over the next year, the company intends on growing that number to at least 70, with some open positions being for upper-level management. 

Once the company’s ready to move with its NFT-based games, it will be designing them to attract players that are already familiar with the play-to-earn concept. This is a smart move as the company won’t have to put as much effort into educating the audience because the audience already has experience in the industry. Ultimately, this will make marketing a much easier process. 

The company will also be targeting NFT investors, with the CEO pointing out that many of the users coming into the game will have an investor, or whale point of view. This means they won’t just be looking into the game play associated with titles, but also the yield they can expect when playing the game. 

As such, the company intends on creating games that would attract investors by offering high yields through game play. 

The big question is what games the company will be launching. While there haven’t been any titles announced yet, knowing Zynga, the games will be:

  • Highly Interactive. Games are meant to be interactive. However, Zynga made it to be one of the leaders because their games tend to take activities to the next level, drawing the player in. 
  • Social. Zynga’s most popular games have a social aspect to them. The idea of connecting friends and allowing them to play games together from anywhere in the world has proven to be a successful one, and I don’t see Zynga veering off of that path. 

The rest of what we can expect is up in the air. We won’t know until Zynga makes the next announcement. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. One of the world’s most successful mobile gaming companies sees tremendous value in NFT-related games. So much so that it’s investing a massive amount of money to dive into the industry. That’s exciting for the metaverse as a whole. 

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