New York City, NY., January 3, 2022. Meta Masters Media LLC (“Meta Masters Media,” “MMM”) is a google trusted news and education source for the NFT and Metaverse space. We are proud to announce our acquisition of over 240 NFT Worlds, to be utilized for future projects, as well as our flagship MMM World and headquarters which is currently under construction.

As the Metaverse continues to blossom and grow, Meta Masters Media will be acting as a community liaison, allowing brands to enter the space as easily as possible. Through our partnership with top-tier builders, we have the ability to bring your ideas to life by seamlessly developing, growing, and building new experiences for the community members of your project.

We have chosen NFT Worlds as our blank Metaverse canvas. This platform provides a building space that’s fully decentralized, customizable, and community driven. Our creators are able to work with projects to build playtoearn gaming ecosystems, creating limitless in-game experiences for players, as well as social communities within their worlds.

We believe that providing communities with fully immersive experiences, is the ultimate form of engagement. The Metaverse is without a doubt the future of providing this type of experience.

With several community brand project builds already in the works, we are extremely excited for what the future holds, and look forward to bringing you along for the journey into the Metaverse!

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