DJ Khaled is one of the most famous DJ’s in the world and is always spreading positive vibes and unity. He has entered the NFT space in a big way, recently posting a video of him buying a BAYC ape and we can’t wait for “another one”. If there is any one person that is a perfect fit for the “WAGMI”  NFT community attitude I would have to say it’s him and wouldn’t be surprised to hear that phrase in an upcoming song. @djkhaled

Steve Aoki, another world famous DJ, has joined the BAYC. In a recent interview about NFT’s he said “I’ve never experienced the level of community that NFT’s has serviced.” Coming from him that’s saying something and he showed his love by performing for the cyberkongz community during NFT.NYC.  @steveaoki

Timbaland is a music producer that bought a BAYC ape and created Ape-In productions NFT music company. Ape-In production has already produced its first two NFT songs and doesn’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon. @Timbaland 

Future is known as a founding father of “trap” music and has recently aped into the BAYC. He flexes his collection of NFTs all over twitter and we are excited to see what he does in the future. @1future

5) Post Malone is a hip hop megastar that has aped into the BAYC buying 2 apes. Post Malone showed the world his BAYC ape in his music video with The Weekend. His apes are fitting to his personality rocking a cowboy hat and smoking a cigarette. @PostMalone 

Lil Baby is a hip hop megastar and decided to ape into the BAYC. In true ape fashion he put on a legendary performance at the first ever ape fest during NFT.NYC 2021. We expect to see more from him as the future of BAYC and NFTs look bright.  @lilbaby4PF

Logan Paul, one of the biggest youtube stars, with a following over 65 million aped into the BAYC. After months of not buying into the hype he finally gave in and bought two, we think he should get a mutant so his bird “Maverick” can be sitting on his shoulder. @LoganPaul

The Chainsmokers are certified hit makers in the music industry and made another hit in the NFT space when they bought an ape from BAYC. The two were some of the earliest celebrities to join the BAYC and as usual and probably started a trend. @TheChainsmokers 

 Bassjackers is a dutch duo and some of the first major electronic music acts to get into BAYC. They even came out with a track called “Bored Ape Rave Club” to promote the BAYC and NFT space. They continue to be active members of the community and look forward to seeing what other songs they come out with for the NFT space. @Bassjackers

Jimmy Fallon the host of The Tonight Show joined the BAYC and bought an ape. He collaborated with moonpay to help acquire the ape and turned to twitter to help name his ape, Captain Bored and Breezy. @BoredandBreezy 

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is every day the NFT space is attracting big name celebrities, athletes and brands. As always WAGMI!!!!