NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been the hottest topic on the tips of tongues for some time now. These digital assets aren’t just pretty pictures, they’re assets that allow for ownership verification through the blockchain while offering perks to owners like exclusive access to events and more. 

However, the utility of NFTs goes far beyond their ability to act as a key to unlock events, content, and more, no they’re being used to change the world through charitable donations, and more recently, they’re being used as political fundraising tools. 

One such collection was recently announced by Shrina Kurani, a Democrat that’s running in California’s 42nd Congressional District. Here’s what she plans to do in the NFT space:

Kurani Plans to Publish an NFT Collection

As mentioned above, Shrina Kurani was the most recent political candidate to announce the use of NFTs as a political tool. In fact, she said that she will be publishing a collection of 2,022 NFTs on the Solana blockchain as part of her election campaign. 

In the announcement, Kurani said the tokens will represent “vision and concept statements” and potential Web3 policy agenda items. The collection is being designed to bring the crypto industry into Kurani’s campaign to win a seat on the House of Representatives. 

Ultimately, Kurani is looking for better ways to connect with the public. In fact, she even said that her campaign is considering using tools like Discord to engage a larger community. 

She went on to explain that she picked Solana to address environmental concerns, pointing to the fact that its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism requires far less energy consumption. 


In a statement Kurani said:

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding in terms of what crypto is, what crypto can be, the direction that it’s going in, who it serves.

And I think there’s a way for us to be able to build more of a bridge between policymakers and folks in the space to be able to actually have more of a conversation and that I think, brings me to my second goal, which is actually engaging the crypto community to be able to participate in the future of crypto legislation.

When you’re talking about the future of technology, there’s always going to be a footprint, right? Using Google, [using] email, using any form of technology, plugging into a wall outlet uses energy, right? And it depends on where the energy is being sourced from how efficient those processes are.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. There’s a massive community surrounding NFTs. As a result, politicians, musicians, and even major brands are realizing that getting involved in that community gives them a better way to address their audience. Moving forward, I’m expecting to see far more use of NFTs in political campaigns. 

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