OG ape who has been advocating for the BAYC since his post on June 14th, 2021 of his ape flying on a rocket on a Times Square billboard. In the adverstiving game monarch is definitely the one to contact to get their own apes on billboards and advertising spaces around the USA. We have seen the billboards here from Manhattan to Montauk, buses in California and on the Vegas strip monarch makes it happen. @themonarch00

Another OG BAYC #6056 apefather has been dropping knowledge in the NFT space for a while. Other projects being boasted about on his twitter include BASYC, GCG, and building his project formally (apemafia) now 6056digital with his ape mafia family. @APEFATHEReth

Smile M Fckrs is one of the most positive people in the NFT space, with a love for all NFT projects, coffee and big J’s. What’s not to like? He is an ape through and through and always has a good word to say on twitter, it’s impossible not to smile after reading his tweets. @SmileFckrs

An NFT trader and BAYC trippy fur collector, ape g4ng keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the BAYC scene. Not only a proven ambassador for the ape community but also points out and uplifts other NFT artists and projects that he believes in.  @ape_g4ng

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An NFT collector and enthusiast who you can find at the biggest art shows like NFT.NYC and Art bassel in Miami. Always on twitter with a good word for the community. A BAYC, GCG, dizzy dragons and Cool Cats enthusiast, he spreads love to all communities, so when you see him say hi or send him a GM.  @xBenJamminx

A BAYC enthusiast,Capt Kix refers to himself as your favorite degen. He is also the co-host of the show NFT ALPHA, if you need some good alpha tune into his show. He is also building a NFT game, crypto_raiders.  @speculatorArt

Adam is a husband, father, entrepreneur, advisor, investor and most importantly an OG ape holder. You may notice him recently from his T.V. interview explaining why NFT’s will change the world. Not only is Adam a collector but he will be dropping his own NFT soon, the hungry wolves NFT. @HollanderAdam

Shrewd Charlie is a fine example of someone lifting the NFT community by bringing communities together. An NFT collector you can find him on the BAYC, GCG, Lazy Lions or Punks Comics discord. Always hyping up one of these communities, he inspires people in the space to unite.  @ShrewdCharlie

King Black Bored a entrepreneur, with a baller mentality it’s no wonder he’s an ape. Another collection he’s big on is the Gutter Cat Gang so much that he started a twitter spaces called conversations from the gutter.  @KingBlackBored

NFT gerry really is about his community making them the best banners in the game. Catch him hanging out in the BAYC discord talking to the community members and even stopping his work flow to teach someone how he did a certain thing on a banner. Recently he has been teasing some amazing derivatives of the BAYC and hashtagging Surreal, we know something is coming so keep your bananas peeled.  @nftgerry 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is we are an ape family but we love and support all other communities. We will continue to grow the NFT community together and WAGMI.

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