NFT’s have been making headlines recently in the mainstream media, from news channels and investment shows, to red carpets in Hollywood, they have come to the worldwide stage. This week we would like to cover some of the top names in sports that have been helping the NFT community grow.

10 Athletes NFT Enthusiasts Must Follow

Dez Bryant AKA # 88 or X, a former professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys, jumped into the NFT scene in several ways. He is a collector, a creator and an entrepreneur. He is one of the athlete founders at Personal Corner, the creator of Juggernauts and a collector of projects like Lazy Lions. @DezBryant

The Curry brothers, Steph #30 for the Golden State Warriors and Seth #31 for the Philadelphia 76ers have made their way into the NFT scene. Steph collected an ape early from the BAYC, while Seth has collected Lazy Lions and Teddy bits. @StephenCurry30 @sdotcurry 

The GOAT, Tom Brady starting QB, #12 on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has found his way into the NFT scene. He Co-founded the platform Autograph and has backed it with collections from iconic names like Derek Jeter, Rob Gronkowski, Tiger Woods and Simone Biles just to name a few.  @TomBrady 

One of the most famous and best to ever do it in UFC, the iceman, Chuck Liddell. He recently bought a Lazy Lion with an icemane, what a fitting lion for a king. He also had an NFT from goobers made especially for him. @ChuckLiddell

One of the best defensive ends in the NFL Von Miller #40 on the LA Rams has come in hot to the NFT space. Since buying an ape from the BAYC he has collected a Gutter Cat Gang cat and wants to buy more. @VonMiller

Josh Hart, #3, shooting guard on the New Orleans Pelicans is a big collector of NFT’s, his collection includes apes from BAYC, Cool Cats, and Gutter Cat Gang. He is a big advocate of NFT’s and is always looking to add more to his collection.  @joshhart 

Odell Beckham Jr, #3, wide receiver on the LA Rams is a big advocate of both defi and NFT. He has a crypto punk as his PFP which is one of the OG collections. He also teamed up with Cash App and will be taking his new contract in bitcoin. @obj

Serena Williams is one of the best to ever play tennis and with a little help from her husband, Alexis Ohanian, Serena is now part of the NFT community. After seeing Alexis speak at NFT.NYC I got the inside story of how Serena got her crypto punk and it was legendary. The crypto punk even made it to the Met Gala event.  @serenawilliams

A Former NHL hockey player Michael Grabner is into the NFT and from the looks of it he’s having a blast. He is a big advocate for Cool Cats, Lazy Lions, LBAC, Bubble Gum Kids, Sappy Seals and many more. @grabs40

An international soccer player who plays midfield for the Croatian national team and Inter Milian, Marcelo Brozovic is big into NFT’s and cryptocurrency. He loves the NFT community and some of the NFT’s he’s collected The Humanoids, Fat Ape Club and Lazy Lions. @brozocrypto

The Bottom Line 

NFT’s are becoming more mainstream everyday and with big athletes like the ones mentioned above don’t be surprised if more athletes join the space, WAGMI.