Today has been an interesting day in the NFT industry to say the least, and a ton of big stories have popped up. Budweiser released its non-fungible token collection yesterday, selling out of all 1,936 items in the collection in under an hour with prices ranging from $499 to $999 each. There’s also been a big debate surrounding energy consumption heating up. Not to mention several other stories that are worthwhile reads. Here’s the scoop:

Budweiser NFTs Sell Out in Under An Hour

Budweiser is an iconic brand of beer that’s been around for quite some time. The company that owns the brand, Anheuser Busch, is known for marketing genius, coming up with hits like the “Wazzup” commercial. The company is also known for staying on top of the latest trends to connect with its audience. 

So, it came as no surprise when the iconic brand announced that it would be selling its own collection of NFTs. 

The collection went live yesterday, featuring 1,936 unique non-fungible tokens. 1900 of these tokens, known as the Core Edition, featured unique images of Budweiser cans along some of the iconic ads the brand has launched over the years. 36 of the NFTs were known as the Gold edition, featuring Gold cans of Budweiser alongside advertisements of their own. 

Both types of NFTs unlock the door to the Budverse, Budweiser’s corner of the metaverse, as well as give owners the opportunity to take part in exclusive rewards, surprises, and events in the Budverse. Moreover, those that own Gold Edition NFTs will have exclusive access to the highest demand events in the Budverse. Read this article to learn more. 

Are NFTs Bad for the Environment: The Debate and Technological Evolution

Lately, there’s been a major debate surrounding NFTs and their impact on the global environment. Some argue that the massive amounts of energy it takes to keep the blockchain running makes NFTs, and cryptocurrencies for that matter, bad for the environment. 

While the concerns are indeed valid, there’s also another side to the argument. 

NFTs, unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, aren’t mined, and can be housed on just about any blockchain. So, while Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies come with a high energy consumption thanks to the mining process, the NFT energy consumption can be much smaller than some think. 

Moreover, as the NFT industry continues to grow, the need for energy efficient options for keeping the industry alive is becoming more clear in the space. As a result, some of the smartest minds in the industry are innovating, creating new ways to make NFTs, and even cryptocurrencies, possible with less demand for energy. For example, the Polygon network is a project that aims to change this, requiring much less energy consumption and setting the stage for change in the industry. Read this article to learn more. 

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The NBA is partnering with Infinite Objects to put your Top Shot NFTs on display IRL

This article on The Verge is another interesting read and surrounds the fact that the NBA has partnered with a company known as Infinite Objects to bring its Top Shot NFTs into the real world. Infinite Objects has created a picture frame designed to show off digital art in real life, and the NBA seems to love the idea. 

These video frames will soon loop fans’ favorite moments purchased as NFTs, bringing memories of the game back for those that love the sport. 

The new capabilities started today, giving Top Shot NFT owners the ability to log into the Infinite Objects portal, connect their Dapper account, view all of their currently owned moments, and order a “Video Print” of the clip. These video moments will be shipped to the customer via a video frame that constantly loops the clip. 

However, there is a caveat. Only those that own NBA Top Shot moments will be able to buy an Infinite Object frame with the associated video clip in it. 

Bored Ape NFTs Have Their Own Bizarre Cartoon Now

NFTs are the hottest craze, and have been all year. Among the many collections of digital art, some have risen to the level of blue chip, representing a high-value piece of digital art that some may look at as an investment. Well, one of these blue chip collections now has its own cartoon. 

That’s right, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is now the center of an animated series. 

The Red Ape Family has made history as the world’s first animated comedy series powered by blue-chip NFTs. While the author of the article isn’t a big fan of the cartoon, saying the animation is bad, the writing is terrible, and the voice acting is atrocious, but that’s all besides the point as that’s one person’s opinion. Not to mention

Personally, I liked the first episode, which can be watched for free on YouTube. Nonetheless, we wanted to give props to Vice for being one of the first mainstream sources to write about the animated series. 

CoinAnalyst Plans Roll Out of Enhanced Sentiment Analysis for NFTs

Finally, CoinAnalyst issued this press release, announcing the fact that they plan on rolling out an enhanced sentiment analysis for NFTs. CoinAnalyst is known for its artificial intelligence-generated data that gives those in the crypto community an upper hand in the market.  

Seeing that demand for NFTs continues to fly, the company is launching a tool to make NFT investing more fruitful. Find out more about the tool in the press release linked to above. 

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