It’s been yet another exciting day for the NFT community, with some seriously hot stories hitting the tape. Not only is Spider-Man going to be the next big feature in an NFT collection, these digital tokens are being used to liberate Amelia Peláez’s art, not to mention a host of other great news. Here’s what’s going on:

NFTs Are Being Used to Liberate Amelia Peláez’s Art Work

Amelia Amelia Peláez was arguably one of the most talented artists to ever walk this earth, and the story behind the art is an interesting one to say the least. You see, Peláez became central to Cuban culture just as the Fidel Castro regime started to take the country by storm. 

Unfortunately, this led to Amelia Peláez’s work being confiscated by the regime, along with works done by several other artists. To date, many of these works are being held in sub-par conditions, printed without consent by the Cuban government, and forged left and right, degrading the historical value the artist brought to the world of art. 

Nonetheless, Carmen Peláez, a descendant of the famed artist and founder of the Amelia Peláez Foundation, aims to use blockchain technology as a means to liberate Amelia Peláez’s art. 

To do so, Carmen, and her foundation dedicated to Amelia Peláez’s art and the continued work to bring more freedom to the Cuban people, are launching the AmeliaNFT collection. The collection will act as a digital, non-forgeable, certificate of authenticity of Amelia’s works, making it less desirable to purchase the works from the Cuban government and starving the government of the improper funding it has received. Check out the full article here!

Limited Edition Spider-Man NFTs Are Coming Soon

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superhero franchises in the world. Chances are, you have memories of watching one of these iconic movies as a kid and have enjoyed watching new releases from the franchise for years. After all, Spider-Man has been grabbing the attention of superhero enthusiasts for decades! 

Now, there’s a new movie on the horizon, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” and 86,000 fans that plan on seeing the movie will enjoy NFTs. 

In order to make this happen, AMC has teamed up with Sony Pictures and Cub Studios to launch a new collection. If you want to get your hands on one of the tokens in the collection, you’ll need to be a member of AMC Stubs Premiere, AMC Stubs A-List, or AMC Investor Connect. Moreover, you’ll have to preorder tickets to see the December 16th premier of the newest movie from the Spider-Man franchise. 

Tickets started selling today, and it’s expected that the first showing of this blockbuster name is going to drive quite a bit of demand across the country. So, if you want to get your hands on one of the 86,000 tokens available for fans, you’ll want to act quickly. 

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Once you’ve purchased your ticket for the movie, if you’re eligible to receive an NFT, you’ll get an email on December 22 telling you how you can redeem your token. However, there’s a time limit to redemption, so you’ll want to make sure you’re paying close attention to your email. Find out more about the drop in this article

Royal Ballet dancer to auction world’s first ballet NFTs

This article on The Guardian was yet another interesting read. The article outlines the fact that Natalia Osipova is jumping into the Web3 community with the launch of the world’s first ballet NFTs. Osipova is no newcomer to ballet dancing either. She’s the principal dancer at London’s Royal Ballet and recently appeared as Giselle at the Royal Opera House. 

Now, she’ll be the first person to launch NFTs for ballet; NFTs that are being auctioned off in days. 

In a statement to The Guardian, Osipova explained that “NFTs have shaken up the world of art, particularly over the last year, and I realised they could also broaden ballet’s appeal and reach.”

The NFT will feature three pieces from Natalia, including two from her Giselle performances and one from the contemporary duet Left behind, a dance that she performs with her fiance, Jason Kittelberger. 

While there’s no clear date set for the auction, the NFT is expected to launch between now and December 10th with Bonhams taking the lead on the event. 

52m Italian Superyacht VIANNE Announces Acceptance of All Major Cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as Payment Method for Sale and Charter

In this press release, made through Cision, NFT history has been made yet again. According to the release, the owner of an Italian-built superyacht known as VIANNE announced that payments for charters and other events will be accepted in both fiat, and crypto assets, including NFTs. 

The yacht is fully equipped with a helipad and sky deck jacuzzi, and can host up to 10 guests in five top-of-the-line state rooms. Not to mention, the boat measures 170 feet. According to the article, the owner of the yacht confirmed that cryptocurrencies will be accepted. First, a 10% deposit must be made in either EUR or USD. Once that payment is made, the balance for the sale can be paid in either fiat or crypto assets, with accepted cryptocurrencies being BTC, ETH, DOGE, SOL, FTM, or BNB and acceptable NFTs including Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club Apes. 

NFTs have become popular in the boating community and this announcement shows just how deeply ingrained in the community they’ve become. 

Can Two People Who Own the Same Art Print Both Mint NFTs of It? + Other Artists’-Rights Questions, Answered

This article on artnet news is another great read, and it’s one that I believe shows just how popular these assets are becoming. The article covers a legal-rights topic, answering the question of whether or not two people who own the same art print can both mint NFTs of that mint, along with other art-related legal questions answered. 

I’m not going to spoil the article for you, but what I can tell you is that the answer to the question goes far deeper than you would likely think. All told, it’s definitely worth reading the article linked to above. 

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