As we get closer to Thanksgiving, the NFT industry refuses to sleep. Another day of big stories hitting the tape is coming to an end. Sotheby’s announced it would be auctioning off 140 Twitter-related NFTs while booze-attached tokens are being sold. Here’s what’s going on:

Sotheby’s to Auction Twitter NFTs for Charity

In this Meta Masters Media News exclusive, we talk about the fact that a big auction will be happening at Sotheby’s on Monday. At the auction, the classic art auction house will be selling 140 NFTs surrounding seven that were minted by Twitter earlier this year. 

The seven tokens the collection is based on depict key moments in the evolution of one of the world’s largest social networks including the development of its logo and its 140 character limit. One of the digital assets is a furry Twitter logo while another is blue twitter pills being poured into a bottle. Again, those are just two of the 140 collectibles being sold. 

While the collection itself is exciting news, there’s a bigger underlying story here. NFTs are changing the world. 

As with many other collections that drove massive amounts of money, this collection, dubbed Gifted: The 140 Collection, will be sold for charity. As major NFT sales continue to benefit charitable organizations, these digital collectibles are literally changing the world. 

NFTs attached to actual bottles of rare booze now for sale

This article on the New York Post really caught our attention. It centers around the fact that NFTs are being attached to high-end bottles of rare booze, and being sold with utility. The article outlines a new service from BlockBar, which is selling non-fungible tokens of high-end liquors. Some bottles include a Glenfiddich 1973 whisky, a Penfolds shiraz cabernet, and a 1976 Dictadorrum in a Lalique bottle.

So, how does liquor as an NFT work?

Collectors purchase the NFT that represents the bottle of high-end scotch, cabernet, or a wide range of other spirits. From there, BlockBar safely stores the bottle, ensuring that it is kept in a safe place and at a safe temperature. 

The buyer has the ability to sell their NFT, or trade it. But if they want the bottle some day, they’ll want to hold onto the digital asset. When the NFT owner decides it’s time to crack that $200,000 bottle of 50-year old scotch, they simply trade the NFT back to BlockBar in exchange for the bottle. 

This new service is yet another ode to the fact that NFT technology has the potential to reshape several industries in the United States and around the world. 

Method Man Releases ‘New Old School’ Song & NFT Comic Characters

According to this article on billboard, Method Man, an iconic, Grammy winning hip-hop artist, has decided to jump on the Web3 bandwagon. The music veteran released a new single, “New Old School,” one that infuses an old-school beat with new-school lyrics.

Just before the release of the new single, Method Man dropped the first Tical Universe NFT comic characters on Flow. With the help of Flow, TuneGo, and Dapper Labs, Method Man launched his collection on what he believes to be the next-generation blockchain designed for consumer applications.  

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According to the article linked to above, the NFTs introduce the first five Tical Universe comic characters. The art features works developed by Alex Smetsky and Aleks Sinyuts and are animated to coincide with the “New Old School ” instrumental. 

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these collectibles, you can participate in the drop at 

Virtual real estate plot sells for record $2.4 million

Land has always been a valuable commodity, and there’s not anymore of it being made, as they say. Or is there? Decentraland is a digital space in the metaverse where land can be bought and sold, and these plots are fetching some serious cash. 

According to this article on KFGO, a plot in Decentraland sold for a whopping $2.4 million! 

The article explains that Decentraland is an online environment often referred to as the metaverse, where buyers can buy land, visit buildings, walk around and meet people as avatars. 

Moreover, land and other items are sold in Decentraland in the form of non-fungible tokens, a crypto asset that provides verified ownership. According to the article, a subsidiary of known as Metaverse Group bought a patch of real estate for 618,000 MANA on Monday. That worked out to about $2,428,740 at the time of the purchase. 

The land is in the “Fashion Street” area of Decentraland, an area where said it would host digital fashion events and sell virtual clothing for avatars. All told, it’s made up of 116 small parcels, each measuring 52.5 square feet, for a total of 6,090 virtual square feet. 

Time Studios to Develop Animated Children’s Series Based on “Robotos” NFTs (Exclusive)

Next up, this article on The Hollywood Reporter, outlines the fact that Time Studios is diving into NFTs themselves. The studio is known for producing several award-winning pictures and now will be creating animated children’s series based on NFTs. 

According to the article, the show will be based on “Robotos,” a NFT project from artist Pablo Stanley. 

The NFT collection is made up of 10,000 randomly-generated droids made up of more than 170 different characteristics. While the collection is similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, many say the Robotos collection is more family friendly. 

Nonetheless, with Time Studios diving in, there could be a hit in the making. 

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That’s all for today my friends. Come back tomorrow for the latest and greatest in NFT news. 

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