The NFL is one of the biggest sports franchises in the world with the average game being enjoyed live by more than 66,000 spectators. That works out to more than 16 million live spectators through a season, not counting those that watch games on television, the internet, or listen to games on the radio. 

For some time now, NFT enthusiasts have said the technology and sports and event ticketing are a match made in heaven. Now, it looks like the NFL is dabbling in the space to see exactly how heavenly the match is. 

NFL Launches Virtual Commemorative Tickets

In a press release published on the TicketMaster website, the NFL announced the launch of virtual commemorative tickets. The tickets will be free for spectators of select games and offer new game-day memories fans can save in their virtual collections. Here are all the answers to any questions you might have about the NFLs non-fungible tokens.. 

What is a NFL Virtual Commemorative Ticket?

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Virtual Commemorative Tickets launched by the NFL will be non-fungible tokens minted using the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain. The NFL says the tickets are being rewarded as a “token of appreciation for attending the game.” 

How Do You Qualify for an NFL NFT Ticket?

These virtual tickets will only be given to spectators of select games. If you attend one of these eligible games, you will be eligible to receive an NFT and the NFL will email you with additional details. 

However, to qualify for one of these tokens, you must be scanned into the game using a Ticketmaster Safetix ticket purchased from your own Ticketmaster account. There are three limitations to consider here:

  • You Won’t Get More NFTs for Purchasing More Tickets. There will only be one Virtual Commemorative Ticket available per account holder, per game. So, no matter how many tickets you purchase, you’ll only receive one NFT. 
  • Transfer Recipients Don’t Qualify. In order to qualify for a digital collectible, you must have purchased the ticket. Ticket transfers will not qualify. 
  • Game Attendance Is a Must. Finally, in order to get your hand on one of these Virtual Commemorative Tickets, you’ll have to attend the game. No attendance, no token!

You’ve Purchased a Ticket & Went to the Game, Now What?

Once you become eligible for one of these collectibles, meaning you’ve purchased a ticket at TicketMaster for an eligible game, and went to see the game in person, you’ll receive a link via email to view your Virtual Commemorative Ticket, which will be held in your TicketMaster account. 

Can I Give My Virtual Commemorative Ticket to a Friend?

Yes, digital collectible ticket holders will be able to give their tickets to friends. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Step #1. Start by going to the “My Virtual Commemorative Ticket Collection on the TicketMaster website and clicking on the ticket you’d like to give. 
  • Step #2. Next, click the “GIVE” button on the page that loads. 
  • Step #3. If you’d like to give away more than one ticket, use the arrows to scroll through your collection and tap select to add additional tickets to send. 
  • Step #4. Now, it’s time to choose a recipient. Type in the email address for the person you’d like to give the collectible(s) to, press “enter,” and tap the “Give” button. 

Once you’ve completed the steps above, the NFL will send an email to your recipient so they can accept and view their gift. 

How Rare Are the Tickets?

The rarity of the Virtual Commemorative Tickets you receive depends largely on the amount of people that attend the game you attend, and the amount of TicketMaster accounts that were used to buy the tickets. 

Keep in mind, about 66,000 people attend the average NFL game, but only one Virtual Commemorative Ticket will be given per account holder. If I had to guess, I’d say there will likely be between 30,000 and 35,000 Virtual Commemorative Ticket NFTs handed out for each game. 

This Is Likely Nothing More Than a Test

This is where things get interesting. You see, event ticketing has been talked about quite a bit in the NFT community, specifically, creating tickets for events on the blockchain. While the tickets being issued by the NFL are collectibles, there’s a strong chance that the NFL and TicketMaster are using the giveaway as a test. 

You see, many argue that thanks to the security of the blockchain and the tokens that live on it, many argue that NFTs are the ticketing system of the future. 

Considering this argument, there’s a strong likelihood that the NFL and TicketMaster are using this program as a way to test systems they’ve developed for this process. Think about it, big brands like this can’t afford to roll something out and hope it works, it must be tested first. What better way to test a new product or service than using consumers of that product and service that have no idea they’re part of a test? The consumers will do what they normally do and the NFL and TicketMaster will be able to test what happens in the process. 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether this is a test of a new service, or simply a promotion as its being marketed, the news that the NFL is diving into the NFT industry is exciting for the entire community! 

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