This week we are focusing on artists in the NFT space. Each one of these artists has contributed to the NFT space in a major way and we love each and everyone of them. If you are into NFT art like we are, give them a follow you won’t regret it.

Nude Yoga Girl (@nudeyogagirlNFT)

The twitter handle speaks for itself but doesn’t do the artwork justice. The elegance and grace of her poses mixed with the beautiful landscape backgrounds and excellent   photography make the collection top notch. Additionally she is a collector of NFT art and a big advocate of women in the space, give her a follow and GM! Follow @nudeyogagirlNFT.

Richie Jon Mason (@Richenks)

That bored ape derivative guy also known as Richie Jon Mason makes NFT derivatives of bored apes. Additionally, he makes NFT’s but he also makes sculpted derivatives of bored apes, the collection is called bored apes set in stone. Bored apes aren’t the only art he focuses on; you can find his other art work on sites like opensea, foundation and makers place. Follow @Richenks.

Colombo (@jdotcolombo)

A contemporary artist and designer Colombo is the real deal. From his money collection where he cuts up real fiat from around the world and makes amazing pieces of art to his manifestian NFT collection and photography you can see why his art work is second to none. A true ape and an amazing artist who uplifts the NFT scene. We can’t wait for what’s to come and stay manifesting your dreams. Follow @jdotcolombo.

Reido (@reidoNFT)

An OG ape, photographer, creator of the bored ape degenerate club and wicked ape degenerate club reido has been paving the way in the NFT space. Reido is the creator of ape wearables, and the doctor you need to see when you need some drip for your ape. Follow @reidoNFT.

Drift (@driftershoots)

Issac “Drift” Wright is literally taking the NFT scene to new heights in the NFT art space. His collection where my vans go is a breathtaking collection of photos of his vans with incredible backgrounds. Every photo he risks his life and freedom, the latter has happened in the past. Check out the collection and his twitter for more from drift. Follow @driftershoots.

Timpers (@TimpersHD)

In addition to being a BAYC OG Timpers is also an Artist/Nounder at nounsdao and owner at TBAchronicles. A dedicated pixel placer he is one of the top pixel artists in the NFT space and in our opinion a pixel art genius. He’s also created a 1/1 NFT cover for Rolling Stone that was auctioned off by BAYC and recently sold for 6.25ETH. Follow @TimpersHD.

NFTGoddesses (@NFTGoddesses)

NFT goddesses is a community dedicated to women artists in the NFT space. Their aim is to support, empower and build a safe community for all women. They also give back to the community using the power of NFTs with their free the nipple collection by donating 10% of every art work sold to breast cancer support. Follow @NFTgoddesses.

Smilesvrs (@smilessvrs)

Waheed Zai just 21 has been creating art for a while now and completely lit the NFT space on fire with his smilesssvrs ::) collection. The 3D art captures the true nature of his style and incorporates culture, fashion, hip-hop and of course smiles. From making album covers for rap stars to making an amazing NFT collection he can do it all. Follow @smilesssvrs.

KidEight.eth (@_kideight) 

Digital artist and creator of Evol and as New York Times would describe him as an eccentric creator with a finely honed sense of absurdity. His GEVOL’s collection isn’t his only art that has popped off you should check out the kideight cover archive. You can find his NFT artwork on multiple platforms such as opensea, foundation, rarible and superare. We also want to wish him a quick and healthy recovery. Follow @_kideight.

Brendan Murphy Art (@BMAArt_33)

An artist we had to cover in the space, Brendan Murphy, has brought us the Boonji Project. Brendan is a talented contemporary artist, whose work can be found in prominent private collections and galleries around the world. Once you follow him on twitter you can see his art and attitude will both inspire and uplift you. Follow him @BMArt_33 or his first NFT project @BoonjiProject.

The Bottom Line

These artists are all dope and bring a unique style to the NFT space. We can’t wait to see what else they come out with for us to admire. If you are an artist or know an artist for our next list please leave a comment.