Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, we all know who Whitney Houston is, and when one of her classics hits the radio, it tends to usher in excitement as people of all ages begin to belt “I will always love you” at the top of their lungs. 

Now there’s a new NFT collection hitting the tape and it’s sure to turn some heads. According to various reports, the collection will feature Whitney Houston and a previously unreleased song demo recorded by the iconic artist when she was just 17 years old. Here are the details:

Whitney Houston NFT Details

The NFT collection featuring Whitney Houston will be released by OneOf, an eco-friendly NFT platform that was developed specifically for the music vertical. The NFT featuring the song will be auctioned off in December, but the exact date of the auction hasn’t been released yet. That date’s expected to be released on December 1st during Miami Art Week at a two-day art, music and NFT event known as OneOf.world. 

The NFT won’t only feature an unreleased song demo in the OneOfVault, it will also feature a digital video created by another 17-year old artist, Diana Sinclair. Known for cutting edge creativity, Diana Sinclair has become a young legend in the photography and digital art industries. The video she’ll be creating to accompany the song demo will feature rare archival photos of Whitney Houston. 

While the song demo NFT isn’t the only digital collectible that will be included in the collection. In fact, it features thousands of additional fixed-price NFTs. These will include gold and platinum offerings of rare archival photos from Houston’s early life and career, designed as animations that give them a digital scrapbook effect. 

The Diamond tier in the collection includes Sinclair’s video artwork, videos that are inspired by the accompanying music videos and songs, “The Greatest Love of All,” and “I Will Always Love You.” 

According to various reports, the sales of these NFTs will have a philanthropic benefit with proceeds heading toward the Whitney E. Houston Foundation, a foundation that works to inspire, create opportunities for, and empower young youth. 

In a statement, Pat Houston, Executor of the Whitney E. Houston Estate, had the following to offer:

“I’m excited to see Whitney’s legacy and her wonderful music expand into bold new technology of this era. It was a joy partnering with 17-year-old Diana Sinclair and watching the artistry of Whitney’s music influence a new generation.”

What to Do if You Want a Whitney Houston NFT

Popular NFT collections are known to sell out in minutes, sometimes seconds, and considering the iconic name this collection is centered around, there’s a strong chance that getting your hands on one of these collectibles will be a competitive process. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get one, follow the steps below for the best odds:

Step #1: Get Prequalified for the Drop

The first thing you’ll want to do is get prequalified for the drop. To prequalify, click here and fill out the form that loads. When filling out the form, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Use an Active Email. You’ll receive important email notifications about the drop, so don’t use the catch all email you type in to avoid spam emails. Use a real, active email address you’ll have access to in the future. 
  • Display Name Considerations. The display name you use will be the name people see when you place a bid. If you want to remain anonymous in the bidding process, don’t use your real name as your display name. 
  • Don’t Fudge the Net Worth. The auction is expected to be a high end one with high net worth participants taking priority. However, don’t just type in whatever you want. You’ll be asked to upload documents to verify your net worth. 

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Step #2: Pay Attention to Your Email

Keep in mind, the exact date and time of the drop hasn’t been released yet. If you want the best chances of getting your hands on an NFT in the collection, you’ll need to be available on the date and time of the drop. Paying attention to your emails will keep you privy to this information. 

Step #3: Be Ready to Pounce

The sale will take place in an auction format, but these auctions tend to happen very quickly. So, be prepared to dive right in. Once you’ve qualified to take part in the auction and know the date, make sure your computer’s loaded to the auction page and you’re ready to place your bids. 

Pro Tip. The auction is being set up as a high-end auction and is expected to drive significantly high prices. After all, plenty of celebrities have sold images for tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars. This auction will be all about a never-before-heard Whitney Houston song demo that was created when she was 17 years old. Demand is likely to be outrageous and the NFT is likely to come with a significant price tag in the end. So, make sure you’re ready and willing to break out your checkbook. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that the Whitney Houston NFT drop is going to be a groundbreaking event when it hits. Considering the love for Whitney Houston across the nation and around the world, and the overwhelming value NFTs are creating, this auction is likely to drive some seriously high bidders through the door. Nonetheless, the winner of these iconic pieces of history will be holding far more than digital pieces of art, they’ll be the owners of musical history!

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