After witnessing a life changing pre-release performance Tuesday night at the famous Birdland Jazz club, I am now officially an Arturo Sandoval and jazz fan. That was one of the best live performances I have ever seen and, if you were lucky enough to be invited, you’re now a piece of history as the 71 year old Cuban American jazz trumpeter gears up to release his NFT that I believe will be nothing short of spectacular.

“An NFT to me is not valuable unless it is exceptional on a lot of levels, and that’s why we are invested into artists like Arturo Sandoval; because he’s exceptional and there aren’t many who can perform like what we saw tonight.”  Tim Ellis producer and co-founder of Metajax said after the show.

During the performance Arturo had a glow about him, commanding the stage and instruments all while dancing, singing and just loving the music his band was producing. There was even an impromptu moment where he invited two young ladies, both in college, to play with him on stage.

Arturo Sandoval will be releasing his new album Rhythm & Soul this weekend at 10 AM pacific time on November 6, 2021, via NFT Dutch auction. The auction starts at 1 ETH and ends at .05 ETH. The album will be released on the platform and will consist of several 8 hour sales windows at a rate of 100 NFTs at a time.

The Album, produced by Tim Ellis and Tony Guerrereo, will be the first NFT album released by the Metajax company. Included in the Album Rhythm & Soul saxophonist Mike Tucker, pianist Max Haymer, guitarist Will Braham, bassist John Belzaguy, drummer Johnny Friday and percussionist Tiki Pasillas.

With sensational music and performers like Arturo Sandoval making an NFT music album we clearly see how NFTs will be changing the music scene. The bottom line is the music industry is always looking for ways to capitalize on new technology from 8 track to cassettes to CD’s and now what seems to be the future of music NFT’s.

Interview With Arturo Sandoval

Meta Masters Media’s own Captain Willy had the opportunity to chat with Arturo Sandoval. Here’s a transcript from the interview:

CW: How was the show in Vegas?

AS: The shows were great! We had three shows, all sold out with very enthusiastic people.

CW: What was your first memory of music?

AS: Oh, my goodness! I’m 72 and my first gig, I was 11 years old. So about 61 years ago.  And I’ve been playing music ever since – that’s crazy.

CW: That’s amazing! Did you start with the trumpet?

AS: Actually, I’m going to tell you that in my entire family, nobody was involved in music or art of any kind. I grew up in the middle of the countryside of the island of Cuba. My dad was a car mechanic, and all my family did various other things. Up until today, I don’t know why I had such a strong desire to become a musician. When I mentioned at home that I want to become a musician everybody said “What?!? Musician?!? What are you talking about? Are you crazy?!? 

I didn’t find out till later, that my decision was very strong, and I wanted to be a musician no matter what it took. And my family helped me as much as they could. 

I started out in the little marching band in my village trying to learn several instruments until landing on the trumpet, and I knew I liked that one. Then a year and a half later I was playing gigs in my village.

CW: That’s awesome! I bet your family was wondering how the music is going to pay the bills.

AS: Exactly. They were right. HAHA

CW: Now you’re right! HAHA

AS: Well, I don’t know about that, I still must work. But I enjoy performing so much, and I’m still having a great time playing. I am blessed.

CW: Absolutely and I see it when you perform, I can sense that you love the music.

AS: Yes, it’s a passion and I owe everything in my life to music, without music I don’t know what would have happened in my life, I was a kind-of hopeless kid until I found music.

CW: Yes music is a good hobby to latch onto especially from an early age because of the positivity and passion that goes along with music and the culture. So if no one in your family was into music, how did you get drawn into it

AS: That’s a question I have never really been able to answer myself. I don’t know why, but I was obsessed with music and wanted to be a musician no matter what.

CW: Did you have any other hobbies growing up?

AS: Oh yeah! I played baseball all my life. Even when I arrived in the states, I still played softball until I was about 50 years old. I love it. When my father was young, he was a pitcher and Cuba has a lot of great players in MLB. There would be much more if it wasn’t for 62 years of dictatorship, otherwise the MLB would be full of Cuban players, but it was difficult for them to come here and do what they dreamed of.

CW: I could imagine how hard it was to come over to America.

AS: Oh yes and by the way, there is a movie about it on HBO called “For Love or Country” the Arturo Sandoval Story you can watch it on youtube for free. HBO produced it 21 years ago in 2000. I highly recommend it, it’s a great movie about the trajectory of my life and career, and I won an Emmy for composing the underscore of the film.

CW: What award haven’t you won, haha. We see you have some upcoming shows in December and what can we look for going into the new year?

AS: Yes, I will be playing all over, a Christmas show in L.A, going to Florida and Budapest.

CW: Ah perfect yes you said you’ve visited and played in Europe and Asia before and loved it there because they play live jazz shows on network television.

AS: Yes, that is true, that is my dream before I die, to have jazz shows on network TV here in the U.S. This is the land that created jazz music and it is ironic that we don’t show these shows on network television. It’s not fair because we need to protect and save all the legacies that we have from the great musicians. We need to preserve the music, so it doesn’t end up lost.

CW: Absolutely and we think NFT’s will play a pivotal role in preserving music for future generations. We know you cannot speak on NFT’s, but can you give us a little insight on your new album.

AS: Yes, I am very excited and the music in the album is great! My band is so talented, and they really put their body and soul into the music and you can feel the energy that comes out of the band. I am extremely grateful because the relationship between the whole band is fantastic! It’s not very common and to find a band where everyone loves and respects each other. Not only as band mates and musicians, but genuinely as human beings. When you get along with everybody it makes a big difference, and it comes through in the music.

CW: That is beautiful, to switch gears, I wanted to ask you about the education aspect of your website and if you could give some insight on that.

AS: The non-profit organization we proudly started is called the Arturo Sandoval Institute.  And for the past 6 or 7 years we have been helping young musicians who want to pursue music with private lessons, instruments, master classes and scholarships. We are very happy to have the opportunity to help students continue their musical education – we are very fortunate. In order to get over that next hurdle of education we need the help of media, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, to encourage young people to listen to the music and appreciate it, and the great styles of music that were created in our country.

Arturo Sandoval Upcoming Shows

November 26-28: Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland

December 4th: Budapest  Performing Arts Center

December 21: Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles

January 30th: Palm Springs Jazz Festival

Feb 20th: Carnegie Hall in NYC with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

April 29: New Orleans Jazz Festival