It has been yet another sizzling hot day in the NFT industry, with some seriously hefty news stories hitting the tape. Some of the top news stories in the industry at the moment include:

Universal Music Group Signs Bored Ape Supergroup, KINGSHIP

In the first Meta Masters Media News exclusive of the day, we covered the fact that Universal Music Group has signed a new supergroup to their label. The thing is, the group is like nothing ever seen before. No, I’m not talking about music style, I’m talking about the group itself. 

The group, known as KINGSHIP, is made up of four NFTs, three of which are Bored Apes and the last member being a Mutant Ape. All members, of course, are part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most successful NFT projects ever to hit the tape. 

The project is the brainchild of Celine Joshua, founder of 10:22PM, and Jimmy McNeils, a leading NFT collector. The two provided the Apes that were used for the next-generation label. Moreover, each Ape in the group has been given its own story and personality that influences and contributes to the overall narrative of KINGSHIP. 

The bottom line is that for some time now, people have been talking about the fundamental change NFTs will lead to in the music industry, but nobody expected Bored Apes and Mutant Apes to become the next big band. 

Coinbase Will Bring NFT Awareness to the Next Level

At this point, if you do anything in the NFT space, you’ve heard that Coinbase will be launching an NFT marketplace. Coinbase is a massive name in the Web3 industry. In fact, it’s the largest cryptocurrency marketplace in the world, and by the data, it will quickly become the largest NFT marketplace in the world as soon as its NFT services launch. 

In fact, the company’s coming NFT platform had ten times more sign ups in the last thirty days as Opensea has members, and Opensea is the current big dog in the NFT marketplace game. So, when Coinbase goes live, there’s a strong chance that the NFT community will see some massive growth. 

That’s great news!

Ultimately, NFTs, like any other asset, are at the mercy of supply and demand. When demand increases, the price of these assets climbs with it. So, when Coinbase goes live and a massive new audience starts to trade NFTs, these assets have the potential to see tremendous growth in value! 

Must Follow NFT Twitter Handles

Next up, the Meta Masters Media News team has learned quite a bit about NFTs from leaders within the community, and if you’re a beginner, doing so would definitely be advisable. As a result of the help we’ve received from many in the community on Twitter, we’ve decided to start putting together lists of must follow Twitter handles once per week. 

While many of our lists, like this one, will focus on specific projects, like the Bored Apes Yacht Club, but today’s list was all encompassing. These Twitter handles are experts in a wide range of products and are very friendly members of the community, meaning that if you have any questions, reach out and they’re likely to help! 

If you’re a fan of the Bored Apes Yacht Club, Lazy Lions, or any other mainstream project, or you’re just starting to get involved in the world of NFTs, this list gives you a great group of people to follow. 

The Banana Peel by PrepsToThePros: Volume 2

PrepsToThePros is a Bored Ape Yacht Club OG and highly successful NFT investor that loves to be part of the community. He’s also one of the founders of Meta Masters Media and has decided to share some of the biggest projects and sales of NFTs in his weekly column known as The Banana Peel

Today, the second volume of The Banana Peel went live outlining some serious news in the NFT space. 

In the post, PrepsToThePros points to a few big projects that are making waves in the industry, including Jenkins the Valet and Golden Moments by Walt Disney. He also points to a mind-blowing Bored Apes sale and outlines why these NFTs are so valuable. Finally, Preps outlined the story that Apple may be getting into NFTs. While Apple hasn’t said it’s diving into the industry, the company’s CEO hinted that they’re ready to dive into the metaverse. 

The Buyer of a $3.4 Million USD Bored Ape NFT Is In It for the Long Run

Finally, this article on Hypebeast really grabbed our attention. The article outlines the opinions of an NFT investor that recently spent $3.4 million to purchase a single Bored Ape token. The Ape was a ultra-rare collectible that’s part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and was auctioned off at Sotheby’s newly launched metaverse digital platform. 

As you could imagine, the sale was a record. 

The Ape, #8817, is one of 10,000 unique cartoon apes that live on the Ethereum blockchain. This particular Ape wears a propeller hat, a turtleneck, and holds a party horn in his mouth. Moreover, the Ape has golden fur, a super rare trait that’s found in less than 1% of Bored Ape NFTs that makes it overwhelmingly valuable. 

That’s All For Today

That’s all for today, and this week for that matter. Come back Monday for the latest and greatest news in the NFT industry.