Listening to Tim Cook explain his position on crypto is one thing.  Watching the tape for big NFT trades is another! Here’s what’s buzzing in the NFT space:

Jenkins The Valet 

This team started with a grant from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.  @JenkinsTheValet is joined by @SeeApeFollowApe and solidity developer Foobar in developing the platform.  The advisors on this project include Drew Austin, Redbeard Ventures; Andy Chorlian, Fractional; Josh Ong, Causeway Strategies; Adam Brotman, Brightloom; Jacob Martin and GMoney.  Since September, Jenkins has been represented by Creative Artists Agency and more recently has signed bestselling author Neil Strauss to collaborate on the debut novel.

Blockbuster Bored Ape Yacht Club Trade

BAYC #544 commands overall rarity #31. BAYC #544 is a Solid Gold, SushiChef Headband with Tuxedo Tee.  Solid Gold floor is currently 600ETH.  Out of 46 Solid Gold apes, this gem sits as the 8th ranked according to The counterparty to this trade is loaded with great BAYCs.  BAYC #5979 is a Trippy Fur (155.56 ETH Floor), BAYC #1725 is a Blue Beams Eyes (342.069 ETH Floor) and BAYC #4612 who is Laser Eyes (134 ETH Floor).  

When apes of this magnitude trade, it’s interesting to opine on the motivations of each party.  Getting into the Solid Gold club is something extraordinary and what a better way than the #31 overall? The other side of the trade diversifies their high end trait risk by obtaining 3 apes with top traits.  Great trade for both parties.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook View on Cryptocurrency

We are really past the verb “playing around” with cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin and Ethereum are connected directly to the main financial infrastructure.  As Tim Cook says it’s reasonable to own as a part of a diversified portfolio.  Many people are able to use these currencies as a way to hedge against the incredible inflation that’s happening in many jurisdictions across the globe.  As the world goes through a global reset, where the debtors (central banks) are devaluing the denominations their debts are settled, cryptocurrencies are standing in as true stores of wealth.  Why earn a dollar that is in the process of being devalued, when you can earn a BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrency that maintains value storage?

IronMan, Walt Disney, R2-D2…Oh My!!!!

Ecomi is making their push with VeVe’s collectibles collaboration with Disney.  Utilizing blind box style, customers will have the opportunity to buy randomized NFTs.  After their purchase, the NFT will reveal itself allowing the customer to potentially own a range of NFTs that include The Simpsons, Frozen, Wall E, Pizza Planet Truck or even Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand!   

The Bottom Line

When trades happen between rare NFTs, the world stops to evaluate.  It’s great to see both sides get good value while taking different approaches to round out their portfolios.  Many people are warming up to speaking about crypto as a viable asset class and this is very good news for the space as a whole. Good morning and good night.