What’s up metaverseoneers? We’ve been digging around the metaverse for some time and there have been several people on Twitter that really helped us understand what’s happening. So, we launched this series where we’re sharing Twitter handles anyone in the space should follow. Here are the 10 must follows of the week! 

@imboredbecky (Bored Becky)

OG member of  BAYC, Fame Lady Squad, VeVe friends and many other NFT communities. Bored Becky is known as a no monkey biz apeluencer. In our eyes Bored Becky is a top influencer for both NFT’s and Women in the space and we look forward to seeing Future progress. Follow Bored Becky on Twitter here

@Ness_Graphics (Ness Graphics)

Alex Ness a graphic designer and NFT artist who has created artwork that has sold in the best NFT marketplaces as well as one of the most famous auction houses in the world; Sotheby’s. In addition Ness has created artwork for award winning artists such as Lil Nas X, Diplo and Imagine Dragons to name a few. Follow Ness Graphics on Twitter here!

@op450099 (Pfroob)

Pfroob isn’t just a Lazy Lions holder and enthusiast, but from his hard work in the community has earned the role of roar king. Roar King is a community leader bringing entertaining content to discord and twitter in hopes to bring more people into the Lions community and NFT space. Follow Pfroob on Twitter here

@themariokarters (themariokarters)

Another great twitter handle to follow giving a unique perspective for all things NFT’s and cryptocurrency. You can see from going through past twitter feeds the great advice given and interaction with major players in the NFT and crypto space. Follow themariokarters on Twitter here!

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@OGDfarmer Dfarmer.eth

Dfarmer is a BAYC enthusiast so much that he is a tastemaker for the Apesthetics squad, putting out exclusive gear for the community that wants that IRL drip. His collection of BAYC pimp coats and mutants are second to none. Save the date 18th of November Apesthetics will drop a new line of gear. Follow Dfarmer.eth on Twitter here

@farokh (Farokh.eth)

An avid collector of NFTs, with Cryptopunks, BAYC, Cool Cats, DeadFellas as well as others in his collection. Farokh was also fed up with the amount of scams in the NFT space and is a part of Rug radio, giving suggestions and insight for the space. He is the definition of an NFT fanatic and shows support by giving out plenty of hugs. Follow Farokh.eth on Twitter here

@fewocious (FEWOCiOUS)

This 18 year old rising star in the Art and NFT world, he has a unique style and passion for art that is seen in every piece. With a vibrant and exuberant style of art and larger than life personality, we promise, once you follow Fewocious you won’t be able to turn away from his art or twitter page.  Follow FEWOCiOUS on Twitter here!

@painter_crypto (cryptopainter)

He is a digital artist that started with video games and worked his way up into Hollywood films. He now paints the history of crypto with a digital brush and creates some of the best NFT art in the space. Cryptopainter is revolutionizing the NFT space by explicitly leveraging other people’s IP and then paying them royalties. Follow cryptopainter on Twitter here!

@JimenaBuenaVida (Jimena Buena Vida) 

Jimena is a Columbian-American abstract artist with collections on several platforms, mother, entrepreneur, BAYC holder, and twitter space host. Jimena empowers women to create and grow within the NFT space, she is a must follow on twitter and instagram. Follow Jimena Buena Vida on Twitter here

@CapetainTrippy CāpΞtain Trippy

Capetain Trippy the Ξ is silent.  BAYC OG, mutant and GCG collector that can take over anyone’s twitter feed. Trippy can also be seen at popular auctions supporting other NFT artists. Don’t forget to congratulate the Capt. on the win of the Bored Ape Comic Bored-off. Follow CāpΞtain Trippy on Twitter here!

Bottom Line

Now that you have the list above, you should have all the information you need when diving into the NFT space. The best part is that the community is incredible. So, if you have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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