Today was another busy day in the NFT industry as several more big stories hit the tape. Some of the most exciting stories included:

Macallan Whisky & NFT Sell for More Than $2 Million

An auction was recently held for an NFT and an entire cask of scotch. The lot was put up for auction by Macallan, a well-known brand name in high-end scotch. It brought in a hefty price tag too, with the cask of whisky, representing 608 bottles of the drink, and the NFT of the cask, selling for a whopping $2.3 million. 

So, why did the lot sell for so much money?

Well, the scotch inside the cask is some of the most collectible scotch in the world. After all Macallan auctions of rare scotches are known to bring in quite a bit of money. However, NFT enthusiasts see it another way. In their eyes, the buyer won the NFT and got the cask of scotch as an added benefit. 

No matter how you look at it, the sale marked one of the highest priced sales in both NFT history and in collectible liquor history. All told, that’s a massive story. 

Billionaire Zombies Club Looks for Influencers

The Billionaire Zombies Club is an NFT project that dropped its first collection on Halloween. The collection featured 10,000 hand-made artworks of zombies. Each of the zombies had a different combination of background, skin color, eyes, mouth, and clothing, and the collection seems to be grabbing some serious attention. 

Now, the company is looking to expand even further by hiring thought leaders to help with marketing efforts. 

In the press release, the Club said that it is planning the launch of a second generation Billionaire Zombies Club NFT that will come with more unique characteristics. The company also said that being part of the club comes with big perks, like discounts on real-world merchandise, free product when surprise drops take place, and the first right of refusal on purchases of the next generation of NFTs from the club. 

All told, the company knows that it has something good, and that when celebrities get behind something good, it tends to skyrocket in popularity. So, by bringing a celebrity or social thought leader into the club, the company has real potential to become the next big thing. 

Jason Naylor’s Project K Is Coming Soon

Next up, Rare Garbage published an article this morning surrounding Jason Naylor, a well-respected artist that has become a major player in the world of Web3. In fact, soon, he’ll be launching his own project

True to Naylor’s history, the project will be known as Project KINDNESS, or simply Project K. It makes sense because since the artist hit the scene, he has been preaching kindness and love for your fellow man. 

The article outlines some of Naylor’s works, both in the world of art and as a philanthropist. It also points to the fact that the project will come with multiple NFT drops and explains where you can get your hands on one of the collectibles. 

This 32-year-old artist made over $1 million in 9 months selling NFTs

NFTs have become overwhelmingly valuable, there’s no questioning that fact. It seems like every week another story of an NFT millionaire hits the tape. This week, that story comes from CNBC and follows a 32-year-old artist that made more than a million bucks in just nine months selling NFTs. 

The artist, Amrit Pal Singh earned his more than a million dollars by selling 57 NFTs of his artwork over the course of about nine months. 

Singh has been a designer and illustrator for more than nine years, but he just minted his first digital version of his artwork in FEbruary. He said he created the token after a friend mentioned to him that one of his past projects, known as Toy Faces, would work well as digital collectibles. 

As soon as the NFTs hit the market, he began to see bids. These Toy Faces are 3D images of people as toys, most of which are inspired by inspiration figures in the artist’s life. Although prices on his art have varied, every one of the pieces have sold for 1ETH or higher, meaning that he has earned more than $4,000 on each token he’s sold. 

About 5% of Sotheby’s, Christie’s Contemporary Art Auctions Are NFTs

Recently, there has been a flood of NFTs being auctioned off at classical auction houses. Quite often, we see stories of a high-value token being sold at Sotheby’s or Christie’s, but did you know that about one in 20 products auctioned off at these contemporary art auctions are NFTs? That’s right, digital artworks now account for about 5% of the art that’s auctioned at either one of these mainstream auction houses. 

This article on dives into the story. 

In the article, the author points out that to pursue this emerging market, auction houses are innovating further by both registering and negotiating with buyers over social media and sourcing NFTs directly from the artists. However, there are some challenges these contemporary auction houses face when sourcing art. Read the story linked to above to learn what they are. 

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