Jason Naylor is an award-winning artist, muralist, and author doing his thing in Brooklyn, New York. He is no stranger to awards as he has received them from the The Art Directors Club and BoweryAwards. Jason also holds two Clio Bronze Medals and is a Golden Novum Design Award recipient. His work has been featured in many publications from Print Magazine to Street Art United States.

 In 2018, BUMBLE named Jason one of the 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers. Besides his collaborations with top labels and brands such as Coach, Pepsi, Guess, XBOX, and Maybelline, and several accolades, I think his biggest award should be for spreading positivity.  As a matter of fact, the name of his new NFT venture is a name that suits him well “Project KINDNESS” or “Project K” since it’s his main mantra. 

Jason is not alone in the project either.  In collaboration with the talented Mancel Lindsey, a 3D artist and animator hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, the pair is creating positive vibes that will be felt throughout the NFT universe.  Bringing in Kindness.org, a global nonprofit based in London and New York City, gives proof  that everything Jason touches is rooted in the mantra – kindness is an essential ingredient for social change. Teaming up with KINDNESS.ORG allows the team to donate 50% of the proceeds from PROJECT K to help further the mission of bringing kindness to the world.

Project K NFT Drops

The project will drop on World Kindness Day November, 13, 2021 and will consist of five total drops. You can purchase these NFTs on the Foundation platform which consist of four 1 of 1 NFTs designed to illustrate and reiterate the importance of KINDNESS through a semi-abstract narrative about our heroic character called ANYONE. These 4 NFTS will be available for auction on Foundation beginning November 13th 1PM EDT. 

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  • Drop one Act one: Make Time  30 SECOND NFT / EDITION OF 1
  • Drop two Act Two: Lend A Hand 30 SECOND NFT / EDITION OF 1
  • Drop three Act Three: Smile 30 SECOND NFT / EDITION OF 1
  • Drop four Scene Zero: ANIMATED MURAL NFT – EDITION OF 1
  • Drop five Token Of Kindness:  GENERATIVE NFT 10,000 UNIQUE TOKENS. To get your hands on the tokens  beginning November 13th 1PM EDT. , click here.  


The project comes with a two-part objective:

  1. Generative collectable.
  2. Create a ripple effect by incentivizing people to “PAY IT FORWARD” and share the coins with their friends.

How to “Pay It Forward”

When a token is sent to another wallet, the token duplicates itself and the duplicate is transferred to the new wallet. The original remains in the original wallet.

Special Token: Each token serves as a “raffle ticket”, and at the end of the campaign, 99 token holders will be rewarded with the LOVE TOKEN (an extra special,unique token) 

Her are the details:

  • There are 10,000 unique coins
  • The price is 0.1 ETH per token
  • 50% of proceeds will be donated to KINDNESS.ORG

Here’s a message from Jason and his team: 

“We expect nothing less than to make a dent in the universe. Kindness changes the lives of millions of humans every day, and with this technology multiplied by our ingenuity and creativity, we know that even more lives can be touched by this project. We plan to bring smiles, joy, and hope to all those who experience these acts of kindness in one way or another and we know that Project K is only the beginning.”

The Bottom Line

Adding  amazing artists, great art, and an organization based on Kindness with the main concept of Kindness and love at the forefront of the NFT project can only be a recipe for success. I’m excited to see what the future brings for them. 

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