One of the hottest non-fungible token, or NFT, projects to hit the tape as of late is the Billionaire Zombies Club. The club has a global audience and top-10 position on the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. 

Now, the Billionaire Zombies Club looks to grow even larger with an announcement that it’s looking for celebrities and social influencers to help push its marketing to the next level. 

About the Billionaire Zombies Club

The Billionaire Zombies Clubt is an NFT project that officially launched on Halloween with the goal of becoming a global company. Well, just a week later, the company has accomplished that goal, with demand for digital collectibles within its collection rocketing around the world. 

The first-generation collection features 10,000 unique zombies, each of which were hand-drawn by in-house artist and owner Axman J. These NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon network. Keep in mind Polygon is Ethereum compatible. 

Also all tokens included in the collection are stored on an InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer, decentralized option for sharing files. 

Each zombie in the collection has its own unique and rare traits. This is an important aspect in the most popular projects as collectors enjoy one of a kind pieces of art. On the company’s website, you’ll have the ability to view the different NFTs available and search for various traits, including backgrounds, skin, eyes, mouth, and outfits. 

Aside from ownership of the limited-edition NFTs included in the collection, those that purchase these tokens will have the ability to buy a limited-edition t-shirt in addition to the t-shirt received when the initial purchase is made. Moreover, the club said in their press release that future merchandise items may be on the way, including sneakers and hoodies. 

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So, Why the Polygon Blockchain?

As mentioned above, the Billionaire Zombies Club NFTs are part of the Polygon blockchain, but why would the company decide to launch its NFTs on Polygon, rather than Ethereum? Well, that decision centers around gas fees. 

The Ethereum blockchain requires a gas fee every time the chain is updated, and that fee is largely dependent on demand for NFTs, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies that live on the blockchain. As the NFT and cryptocurrency community grew, demand for these transactions grew as well. 

Unfortunately, since gas fees are based on demand, this high demand led to incredibly high gas fees, commonly well over $100 and in some cases, over $300 per transaction. The Polygon blockchain helps users avoid these gas fees, making it possible to transact in the Web3 environment without having to shell out hundreds of dollars in transaction fees. 

Importantly, the Polygon blockchain is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that tokens on Polygon can easily be transferred to Ethereum and vice-versa. 

Finally, the company says that membership of the club brings several rewards. The most exciting of these seem to be discounts on merchandise and free items when surprise drops take place. Moreover, the club plans on partnering with online stores, offering opportunities for its members to get discounts at popular brands. 

The Next Wave of Billionaire Zombies

Due to the smashing success the first generation of Billionaire Zombies Club NFTs has had, the company is already working on launching a second generation, and it has plans to donate a portion of its profits to charity as part of its social mission in the future. 

The company said the next generation of its collection will have more traits and attributes. Moreover, those who hold the first generation of these NFTs will have the first opportunities to purchase the second-generation tokens; tokens that are expected to be more exclusive and that the company says may be created in 3D. 

Moreover, the company said that it plans on buying land in another metaverse world and to have a store with a physical location for merchandise in the future. 

Influencers Wanted

One thing that has been overwhelmingly clear in the cryptocurrency and NFT industries is that when social influencers and celebrities get behind a project, it grows in value quickly. Think about Dogecoin and the tremendous growth the coin saw when celebrities and influencers started to latch on. 

Well, Billionaire Zombies Club sees the opportunity. The club recently issued a press release calling on social influencers and celebrities to get involved. Ultimately, the club has big plans and wants a big name to jump on the bandwagon to bring it to the next level. 

The Bottom Line

The Billionaire Zombies Club has already grown quickly in popularity, and if the company can get an influencer behind it, that growth could explode, making this a project to consider diving into. 

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