As has been the case for some time now, the NFT industry is heating up. There were several big stories hitting the tape today. Some of the most exciting stories include:

What Are NFTs Used For?

In the first Meta Masters Media News exclusive of the day, “What Are NFTs Used For?,” we talk about the trends in NFT utility. While the first tokens to hit the scene were all about the art they represented, the tokens of today can be used for several things. 

First and foremost, several projects offer exclusive content that’s only accessible to those that own a piece of art from the project. There are even some live events that require ownership of NFTs for access. 

And that’s not the only way these tokens are being used. 

Big corporations are using them to drum up business. Even McDonalds has jumped on the Web3 bandwagon. Not to mention, these digital assets are being used in the gaming space as well as several other industries. They might even provide the solution the healthcare industry has been looking for surrounding the safe, legal transfer of patient data. 

How to Buy Disney NFTs

In another Meta Masters Media exclusive, we talk about the fact that Disney is launching another line in their Golden Moments NFT collection, a collection of golden Disney characters that live on the blockchain. 

As you would imagine from one of the biggest names in entertainment, one that nearly everyone can remember watching when they were children, demand for the drop is expected to be incredibly high. Some even expect for the collectibles to sell out in seconds. 

For the best chance of getting your hands on one of these historic pieces of disney magic, you’ll need to act fast and follow this guide on how to buy Disney NFTs.

Did Tim Cook hint that Apple is exploring NFTs?

This article on Ledge Insights really caught our attention. Based solely on speculation, the article suggests that Apple may be diving into the NFT industry relatively soon. It all started when Tim Cook said the company doesn’t have immediate plans for using cryptocurrencies for payments at the New York Times DealBook Summit. 

However, he also said, “there are other things that we’re definitely looking at.” Unfortunately, he refused to give any specifics as to what those “things” are. 

In the article, the author points to the fact that while Microsoft has catered to the business class of computer users, Apple has long catered to creatives. Moreover, NFTs are definitely a tool that’s perfect for creatives. 

The author summarizes that Apple is likely to be working on Web3 technologies in one way or another, and since cryptocurrencies aren’t it, the next best guest would be NFTs. However, there’s no telling how the company will use NFTs to bring Apple products to the next level, or that NFTs are even coming since the entire story is an educated guess from the author. 

Beeple’s “Human One” Sculpture And NFT Sells For $29M

This article on TheStreet outlined one of the highest priced NFT sales in history. According to the article, the “Human One” statue and accompanying NFT sold for nearly $29 million. The art was created by Beeple, a popular NFT artist behind other top priced works. 

The physical part of the bundle was a seven-foot statue and was the first physical work made by Michael Winkelmann after selling an NFT known as “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days,” a piece of art that sold for $69.3 million at Christie’s Auction House. 

According to the report, a bid came from Switzerland for $25 million and the sale ended with a total price of $28.985 million. 

This mobile eSports platform is using NFTs as prizes within its ecosystem

This article on CRYPTOSLATE points out that consumers are earning NFTs as prizes in the eSports industry with a platform known as MegaFans. The company recently announced that it distributed the world’s first NFTs as prizes to players from a mobile eSports platform. 

The company said it started testing offers with Bitcoin in September to see how consumers would respond. Then, the company quickly moved to include NFTs as part of its plan to integrate into the metaverse. 

The company tested its strategy using a scalable model on OpenSea as well as on Polygon. Now, it’s moving quickly to make these prizes available to all on its platform. 

That’s All for Today

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