What a fast-paced Tuesday it has been today. There have been a ton of news stories hitting the tape and the Web3 community is buzzing. Here are the top stories of the day:

ENS Services Launches & Gives Away Boat Loads of Money

Have you heard of ENS? Are you using a .ETH domain name? If not, you missed out on your chance to cash in on thousands of dollars in free digital assets. The ENS service, a service that allows you to rent .eth domain names, much like GoDaddy with .com names, announced the launch of its ENS governance token and gave between 100 and 300 free tokens to early adopters of its service. 

What does that mean? Well, ENS tokens have a price of around $40 to $50 at the moment, so the 100 to 300 tokens turns into a massive amount of money. 

Those that get the tokens will use them to vote on rules the system will follow, with each token representing a vote. So, users that claimed their tokens have the opportunity to either sell their tokens for a profit, or retain them in order to have a say in the governance of the system. 

A common theme in the Web3 community has been rewarding those that participate the most in the development of the metaverse and the economy that makes it thrive. However, this air drop from ENS is one of the largest we’ve seen to date. 

AMC May Jump Into NFTs

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In yet another Meta Masters Media News exclusive, we talk about the fact that AMC may be diving into the NFT space soon. The company announced on its recent earnings call that it is currently in talks with Hollywood Studios to collaborate on the release of NFT collections surrounding blockbuster films. 

The company didn’t provide much by way of details of what the collections might entail, likely because the talks associated with the development of the collections are ongoing. Nonetheless, we do know that if all goes well, the company will be diving into the Web3 community pretty quickly. 

This is yet another big brand in a wave of entertainment companies that have been diving into the NFT industry. Big stars in music, movies, and sports have staked their claim in the space while huge corporations like McDonalds and Visa have also either said they were planning on launching, or have already launched, their own collections of NFTs. 

As the industry continues to grow and more big names continue to adopt the technology, these digital tokens have the potential to change the global view of the internet and digital ownership. 

Mike Judge Jokingly Offers King of the Hill NFTs for $20 Trillion

This post on IGN was an interesting one to say the least. The post outlines the fact that Mike Judge, the creator of the popular TV sitcom, King of the Hill, posted a set of NFTs for sale as a joke. According to the post, the creator of the sitcom invited his fans to purchase four NFTs that he said he created themselves. 

So, what’s the joke in that? 

Well, Judge offered the collection of four NFTs for a price of $20 trillion. Of course, nobody is going to be willing to pay that price as it’s nothing more than a joke pointing to the fact that some NFTs have garnered quite a bit of attention and sold for extremely high prices. 

Nonetheless, joke or not, the post shows how quickly these digital assets are working their way into the entertainment industry. 

NFT FPS game coming from Halo & CoD devs according to insider

Have you ever played any first person shooter games? Are you a fan? If so, chances are that you’ve spent plenty of time playing hits like Halo and Call of Duty. Well, Web3 enthusiasts will be excited to learn that, according to this article on Dexerto, a new game is coming out. However, it won’t be like anything else you’ve seen before. 

According to an insider close to the developers of the two hit games mentioned above, the developers are working on developing an NFT first person shooter game. 

There are no clues as to how the game will work, but in my view, players will likely have the ability to purchase NFTs that can be used as characters, armor, guns, other weapons, vehicles, and more in the game. Should this all come to fruition, users won’t only be able to play the game with the gear they’ve earned, they’ll be able to buy, sell, and trade it, creating a complete economy within and surrounding the FPS game. 

However, the developers of Halo and Call of Duty haven’t publicly announced anything and have not confirmed to anyone they have plans to launch an NFT game. So, this may be nothing more than a rumor. Nonetheless, if it’s really going on, the first NFT FPS game from the developers is likely to be a big hit. 

Todd McFarlane Launches Own NFT Marketplace, OddKey, With Steve Aoki

Finally, this article on Bleeding Cool outlines the fact that Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki launched their own NFT marketplace known as OddKey. According to the two, the marketplace was “founded out of a desire to help creators with a safe platform to showcase and sell their authentic digital art.”

The platform empowers artists with the ability to control the destinies of their own digital properties. 

So, what’s the big deal? Well, McFarlane himself is selling his artwork on the platform. That’s a big deal since the artist hasn’t sold any of his works in the past decade! 

That’s All for Today

That’s all for today folks, come back tomorrow for the latest and greatest in NFT news. 


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