There’s quite a bit happening on Twitter in the NFT space. Some big projects are dropping, a picture says a thousand words, a Lazy Lion marriage hits the tape, and more. Here’s the scoop:

BobbyQ & the Sentiment Score

Bobbyquinn.eth does some amazing work with data. This project shows a proprietary sentiment score. To get a better idea of how the score works, visit BobbyQ’s article on dGEN.  What’s amazing to me is BobbyQ literally learned Python a couple months ago!  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Five metrics make up the total score; they include:

  1. Sentiment Score. Percentage of items listed for sale at a gain
  2. Passion Intensity. Percentage of items listed for sale that would be priced at a gain if listed at current floor price.
  3. Floor Depth and Value. How many items would it take to raise the floor by 50%
  4. Discord Hype. Trailing Discord server active engagement
  5. Holders-to-Items Ratio. Number of unique address holders to number of items in collection

Considering these metrics are definitely in my list to determine a great opportunity, it moves from subjective to objective analysis.  

lili Tsang’s Embroidery Project

I’m very excited to see what lili Tsang does with this embroidery project! I feel that everyone looks at their NFT(s) in the way they can contribute to the overall creativity. This is what makes the whole ecosystem so intriguing.  How many opportunities will civilizations capture simply by being woken up to this new age of exploration. Are we seeing into the looking glass of the next renaissance period?  

There’s No Questioning the Value of the Blockchain

$10 billion is a big number considering a large part was transacted in ‘21. It Makes you think what Coinbase could bring to the table for the space. A $3 trillion market capitalization is a testament to how much people believe in the ecosystem. Hard to imagine life before crypto. 

A Lazy Lion Marriage

There is so much prominence going around. Is this couple the first Lazy Lion marriage on record?

Financial Education Is Key

Finance should have a bigger role in schools. Out of every skill in my life, learning how money works is by far the most applicable skill. Once a person understands how easily manipulated money can and has become, the concept of cryptocurrencies becomes much more apparent.

What’s that Picture?

This picture has come up numerous times today. Some say he looks like a Bored Ape. Some claim he’s a Mutant Ape.  Either way, this is a perfect way to describe how it feels to paper hands the BAYC ecosystem!

Parachains by Polkadot

Polkadot has launched Parachains which are specialized layer 1 blockchains. These chains promise to be interconnected and scalable allowing for seamless upgrades and on chain customizable governance. Streamlined security and low transparent fees. Bridges allow connections to Ethereum, Bitcoin and other external networks.  Parachains connect to Polkadot by leasing a slot. Each slot is assigned by an auction and these auctions can be funded via a Crowdloan campaign.

The Bottom Line

There are things happening everyday in the NFT space. Follow along with great happenings with my new series, The Banana Peel.  Have a great day!