Today was yet another smoking hot day in the NFT sector as K-pop sensation, BTS, joins the Web3 world with its own NFTs and video games and EA points to the technology as the way of the future. Here’s what’s happening:

EA Points to NFTs as the Future of Gaming

In the first Meta Masters Media News exclusive of the day, titled “EA Points to NFTs as the Future of Gaming,” we talk about some big statements made by Andre Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world during his most recent earnings call. 

On the call, Wilson pointed to the fact that NFTs are a technology that has the ability to create a pivotal shift in gaming. He also alluded to the fact that consumers are becoming heavily involved in the play-to-earn concept, one that goes against the grain of traditional play-to-win games. 

With play-to-earn games, users receive digital assets for their activities in games, assets that can be traded or sold for real-world money. Moreover, NFTs give gamers a new way to enjoy the immersive experience of gaming. 

While Wilson and his team at EA say it’s too early to tell how much of a shift NFTs will make in the gaming industry or what it will look like as they become more popular, but one thing was clear, he and his team see blockchain technology as the way of the future in gaming. 

BTS to Release Band NFTs and Video Games

In another Meta Masters Media exclusive, we covered the fact that a sensation in South Korea, K-pop band BTS, has jumped into the Web3 industry. The company’s management team at Hybe entered into an agreement with the biggest crypto platform in South Korea to make it all possible. 

The NFT collection will feature stills of different members of the band that are coupled with real-world playing cards. Of course, both the NFTs and the real-world cards will be in limited supply. 

While the fact that BTS is jumping into NFTs and blockchain gaming is exciting in and of itself, it points to a pivotal shift that’s taking place in the music industry. More and more big names in music are entering the NFT space for several reasons. Not only do these digital collectibles give musicians a new way to connect with their audience, they add a layer of piracy protection as the blockchain is built around communal security. 

As the NFT industry continues to evolve, we expect to see more and more big names in music diving in. 

The Shoe Surgeon Enters the Metaverse with Three-Dimensional NFT

This article on Complex was a very interesting read. The article outlined a collection of NFTs that was introduced to the industry by Moments and created by Phil Ivey, a professional poker all-time great that’s commonly referred to with names like the Shoe Surgeon and SneakerCon. 

Bidding for the one-of-a-kind project started in the former living room of iconic magician David Copperfeild at 9pm on October 28. Once bidding heated up, it carried over to the Moments auction site. While bidding is still open, if you want to get your hands on the NFT, you’ll need to act fast because it closes at midnight tonight. 

The highest bidder will win three digital goods. The first of these is a video that commemorates an infamous heads up moment between Ivey and Tom Dwan. During that game, Dawn pulled off what many believe to be one of the greatest bluffs in poker history, pushing Ivey to fold on a $675,000 pot. 

In a statement, Meysam Moradpour, CEO at Moments, had the following to offer:

“Phil Ivey is very picky when he does any NFTs. And everyone knows him as the Tiger Woods of poker. We told Phil, ‘Show your vulnerable side this time, make it public, you cannot always win. So what if we commemorate a bluff where you actually lost?’ This was the first time he was comfortable enough to do something like this.”

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Pioneer Announces Purchase of CryptoPunk 8869

Next up, this article on GuruFocus, outlines the fact that a tech and media company known as Pioneer Media purchased a very valuable CryptoPunk NFT. According to the article, the NFT was purchased for 100.25 ETH, working out to about $433,700. 

In the article, the CEO of Pioneer, Mike Edwards, said that he and his team are excited about Web3 and eager to jump in. Here’s what he said about the purchase:

“We are excited about Web3. The real question is how do you dive in? We looked for guidance from the community. Answer = Step 1 is buy a JPEG!”

Ultimately, the company is excited to get in on Web3 in its infancy, seeing an opportunity to become a long-term leader. In the article, the author explains the allure of Web3 as an ownership economy because the token economic models reward participation and creativity. Pioneer wants to be on the leading edge of innovation as this community continues to grow. 

Adam Wainwright putting NFTs to good use for charity

Next up, this article on Fox2Now, the author follows the story of Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright, and his charitable contributions, which are growing thanks to NFTs. In fact, he and his non profit organization, Big League Impact, are jumping into the NFT movement. 

To do so, he is offering donors of $100 or more at the opportunity to receive an NFT inspired by a physical piece of artwork made by Steven Walden. The collection will not only commemorate the pitcher’s 2,000th career strikeout, it will help make a social impact in communities across the United States. 

The event will take place from November 4, 2021 through November 8, 2021. So, if you want to get your hands on one of these digital works of art, now is the time to act. 

That’s All for Today

That’s all for today folks, come back tomorrow for the hottest NFT news to hit the tape. 

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