It’s been yet another smoking hot day in the NFT industry today with several big stories hitting the tape. Neil Strauss, New York Times best selling author signed on to write the first book for the Jenkins the Valet project while news about new MLB NFT collections comes to light. Here’s what’s going on:

Jenkins the Valet Brings Neil Strauss to the Project

In the first Meta Masters Media News exclusive of the day, titled “Jenkins the Valet Brings Neil Strauss to the Project,” we discuss a pretty big name drop. Now, those of you who have been following the Jenkins the Valet project know that a book is going to be happening, and you’ve known that the book was going to be written by a best-selling author. However, Neil Strauss isn’t likely what you expected… He’s a star in literature known for capturing the attention and imagination of his reader. 

The news just recently broke at a party at NFT NYC and enthusiasts are excited. 

In a recent statement, shared via twitter post in the article linked to above, Strauss expressed his excitement for being part of this historic project, pointing out the fact that this will be the first book that’s written not only by a best-selling author, but by the community the book is being written for, bringing the open source concept to book development. 

All told, this is big news for both, the world of literature, and the NFT industry as history is being made with the first Jenkins the Valet book. 

Candy Digital Brings MLB Collectibles to the Next Level

In the next Meta Masters Media News exclusive, we talk about the fact that Candy Digital is digitizing MLB collectibles. MLB recently entered into a partnership with Candy Digital in an attempt to provide its tech savvy fans with collectibles that are right up their alley. However, tech savvy isn’t the only fan the partnership is reaching out to. In fact, it plans on addressing those who already collect digital assets, those who are into tech, and the general MLB fan. 

The partnership is starting by launching three collections. The first collection will feature the top plays from each game in the 2021 season, with the plays being chosen by the MLB Network. The second will feature stars of MLB with the third being the digital rookie card equivalent. 

Importantly, in order to address fans that aren’t tech savvy and aren’t quite into the crypto community, the partnership is making the NFTs possible to be purchased with fiat currency like the USD, rather than requiring users to purchase the collectibles with crypto. 

Why People Are Excited About Bored Apes

This article on mint is a great read, outlining the fact that Bored Apes have become one of the most successful projects in the NFT space, but why? A major question among novices has to do with why these cartoon images of apes fetch such a high sales price.

The article explains that not only are these apes limited in the amount being made, only 10,000, they come with quite a bit of utility. First and foremost, the owner of the NFT has all legal rights to the image. That means they can use it online, or even launch a series of products, using the image as part of their brand. 

However, one of the biggest wins for the Bored Ape Yacht Club is the community that backs it. The collection is a favorite among major NFT collectors around the world. Read the article linked to above to learn more. 

Art is becoming 3D, NFTs will bridge old world with digital reality – Amrita Sethi

Next up, this article on Kitco really caught our attention. It explains that traditional art, paintings in particular, are 2D images, and while the wall they hang on is seen in 3D, it tends to lack depth. However, art is changing in a big way and NFTs are the tools making the evolution possible. 

You see, with NFTs and the metaverse, art enthusiasts are able to enjoy an immersive experience by simply putting on a headset. Not to mention, some of the world’s most successful artists are hopping on the trend, making tokens of their own. 

As NFTs become more popular, and more art enthusiasts get involved, we won’t just look at the art of the future, we’ll live it! 

Someone took out a $1.4 million loan with an NFT as collateral

Finally, this article on The Block points to the continuing growth of the utility of NFTs. These aren’t just digital collectibles that you keep hidden away in your crypto wallet, they’re real, valuable assets that have the potential to unlock doors. 

While many NFTs come with the ability to unlock exclusive content and access to members-only events, some are so valuable that they can allow you to get your hands on the cash you need. 

In fact, history just got made when someone took out a loan worth $1.4 million using an NFT as collateral! The loan gives the borrower access to the $1.4 million for 30 days and comes with a 9.69% APR. The collateral was a generative piece of art that was part of the Autoglyph collection, #488.

That’s All for Today

That’s all for today my friends. Come back tomorrow for the hottest news in the NFT space. 

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