The buzz in the non-fungible token, or NFT community, is only growing louder and today was yet another day full of great news announcements. Some of the most exciting news stories of the day include:

NFT Game Developers Ask Valve to Reverse Blockchain Ban

In the first Meta Masters Media News exclusive of the day, titled “NFT Game Developers Ask Valve to Reverse Blockchain Ban,” we discuss the fact that recently, Valve, the company behind the Steam platform, announced that games that allow for the trade of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or any other digital assets would be banned from the network. 

However, game developers aren’t taking the change laying down. In fact, nearly 30 developers got together to write an open letter to Valve. In the letter, the developers point to the fact that Valve and Steam have long been known as the pioneers in the gaming industry that are open to change and improvement of gaming infrastructure. 

However, the ban goes against everything the company’s followers thought it stood for. The letter further outlines that the NFT industry brings a pivotal shift to gaming, one that consumers are latching onto, and that to remain a pioneer, Valve must reconsider allowing Web3 games on its platform. 

At the moment, it’s unclear whether or not the letter will have any bearing on what Valve decides to do next, but it does outline a very clear argument as to why the company should reconsider its decision. 

Medigus Partners With Safee to Dive Into NFTs

In yet another Meta Masters Media News exclusive, we talk about the fact that a medical technology and electric vehicle charging company, Medigus, has partnered with an NFT tech company known as Safee to form a joint venture. In the press release, the two said that the venture will surround finding opportunities to trade and monetize NFTs. 

However, that’s a pretty bland explanation of what the two companies are doing. 

We speculate that while the new joint venture will look for opportunities to buy, trade, and monetize NFTs, their partnership will likely grow far further than these goals. The simple fact is that the utility of these tokens is hard to ignore, and the two will likely look to put that utility to use. 

One of the main drivers that we believe is behind the partnership is the potential for a healthcare focused NFT. Unfortunately, the medical industry has a huge problem surrounding the transfer of patient data from patient to physician and physician to physician. NFTs can be the answer to that problem, and we believe that’s where this partnership is headed. 

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Vivity Unveils New Service to Secure NFTs

Security is one of the hottest topics in the NFT industry at the moment. That’s why this feature on KPVI really caught our attention. The article outlines the fact that a tech company by the name of Vivity has unveiled a new service designed to help enthusiasts add further layers of security to their NFT collections. 

According to the article, the new service is known as Root of Provernance, which was unveiled at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco’s first NFT art auction. The service uses trusted third parties to verify the origins of an NFT. This gives artists the ability to secure their work and collectors the ability to trust the authenticity of their purchases. 

In a statement, Alfred Tom, Co-founder and CEO at Wivity, had the following to offer:

“The long-term success of NFTs depends on accurate provenance – the ability to verify who created the NFT and who owns it. We are excited to launch this service at CCC’s first NFT auction and bring more trust to NFT marketplaces, collectors and the creators themselves.”

Disney And VeVE Announce NFTs For Disney IP

It seems like there’s another major player in the gaming and entertainment industries diving into the NFT space every day, and today is no different. In this article on Bitcoinist, the author outlines the fact that Disney and VeVe have partnered to launch NFT collections surrounding intellectual property owned by Walt Disney Co. 

The author goes on to explain that what started as a collaboration between VeVe and Disney surrounding Marvel NFTs is quickly expanding into more digital collectibles. Most recently, VeVe made an announcement that it will be expanding into properties like Star Wars and Pixar, including smash hits like Toy Story and Cars. 

The NFTs included in these collections will feature disney characters and are being designed as a promotional tool to drive more consumers to Disney+. However, neither Disney, nor VeVe, have announced just what characters will be released. All we know at this point is that the NFTs will be under a collection known as “Golden Moments,” which will feature various golden versions of Disney characters. 

Should Family Offices Consider NFTs as an Asset Class Like Art?

Finally, in this Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute article, the authors outline the viability of NFTs as an investment. The article starts by explaining what non-fungible tokens are and the fact that the uptake of this technology among consumers has been incredible. The article goes on to explain that Sovereign wealth funds like GIC Private Limited are funding NFT infrastructure. 

To do so, these funds are backing companies like Dapper Labs, Inc., a blockchain-focused technology company that partnered with the NBA to launch NBA Top Shot. 

Moreover, even large software companies like Adobe are building software infrastructure for these tokens. 

The article then begins to outline that NFTs are a relatively new asset class, but investors, especially family offices, should consider them to be an asset class like Art. The article points to these investments as having the potential to yield tremendous gains and says that more family offices are getting involved. 

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