As can be expected, today was yet another smoking hot day in the NFT industry with several great news stories hitting the tape. Some of the most exciting stories from today include:

How to Give NFTs as a Gift

In the first Meta Masters Media News exclusive of the day, we talk about giving NFTs as a gift, and it’s perfect timing. At the moment, consumer adoption of these non-fungible tokens is flying high. At the same time, the holiday season is just around the corner. What do you get for your tech enthusiast friends and loved ones?

NFTs that’s what!

In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide to giving NFTs as a gift. You’ll learn how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet so you’re able to buy these tokens, how to pick the best tokens to buy, and how to transfer the token’s ownership to the person you plan on giving it to as a gift. 

The Economist’s NFT Cover Raises More than $400,000 for Charity

In yet another Meta Masters Media exclusive, titled “The Economist’s NFT Cover Raises More than $400,000 for Charity,” we talk about the fact that the popular magazine, The Economist sold its September 18th, 2021 edition cover as an NFT dubbed “Down the Rabbit Hole.

The NFT featured artwork that was a parody of the original Alice in Wonderland painting. However, a digital artist added to the painting, which showed Alice and a rabbit looking down a rabbit hole that had coins flying out of it. 

According to reports, that NFT sold for a whopping 99.9 ETH, which worked out to nearly $420,000 at the time of the sale. After all fees associated with the sale, the famed magazine donated the remaining proceeds to The Economist Education Foundation, a non-profit organization geared at improving education. 

Upgradable NFTs: How collaborations will leap forward

In this CoinTelegraph exclusive, the author starts by explaining that collaborations in art are nothing new. In fact, they’re overwhelmingly popular. However, there are challenges with collaborating with other artists that the NFT industry seems to be solving. 

Essentially, the NFT space is one built on community, one where collaborations are largely welcome, and with a new form of NFTs, known as upgradable NFTs, these collaborations are all-but guaranteed to take place. 

The article dives into the fact that NFTs are now being minted that are specifically designed to be upgraded by their owners, bringing collaborations into the fray. The article points out that this is a pivotal shift in the capabilities of these digital artworks, especially for the music industry. 

Timberland Mints His First Collection of NFTs, From Upcoming EP, Opera Noir

In this article on Music Business Worldwide, you’ll learn about the fact that the wildly popular musician, Timberland, is launching his first NFT collection. The collection stems from the musician’s upcoming EP, Opera Noir. 

According to the article, the musician used the Readymade NFT eCommerce Platform, one that allows crypto collectors to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, to develop his own NFT collection. The collection is composed of stems, hooks, and beats from the producer’s upcoming EP. 

The artwork that will be accompanying the music was created by Jenifer and Kevin McCoy and was inspired by DJ and studio equipment from the 1970s. The collection will be called the Producer Mix Series and each song from the Opera Noir EP will have five to eight different NFTs. 

Fox Corp. Expands NFT Business With WWE Deal

Finally, in this article from The Hollywood Reporter, you’ll learn about the fact that Fox is diving deeper into NFTs. According to the article, Fox is teaming up with the WWE franchise to mint NFTs of their own. The two parties have signed a multi-year deal that makes the wrestling giant the first external company to sign onto the media networks NFT efforts. 

The article explains that Fox launched its Blockchain Creative Labs earlier this year with a $100 million seed investment. 

This lab will create the marketplace with a name and a launch date that will come later on. According to the article, some of the NFTs will be based on popular wrestlers, economic moments, signature live events like Wrestlemania, and other IP. Moreover, the NFTs will live on the Eluvio blockchain, one that Fox has invested in. 

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