With NFTs growing in popularity, especially among gamers and art enthusiasts, it only makes sense that several companies are diving in, looking to stake their claim in the industry. However, one of the biggest bits of news surrounding major brands diving into NFTs as of late just hit the tape a few hours ago. 

GameStop published a job post on LinkedIn, looking for someone that will help bring it into the world of Web3. 

GameStop’s Job Post

In the job post, GameStop said that it’s looking for a “unique individual who can help accelerate the future of gaming and commerce.” Pointing to the NFT industry as the future of gaming, the company posted a short blurb explaining how the game is going to change. 

In particular, the company said, “Future creators won’t just build games but also the components, characters, and equipment. Blockchains will power the commerce underneath.” The statement points to the fact that in the NFT space, games are being created in which consumers actually own their characters, and the intellectual property rights that come along with them. Moreover, other aspects of games can be owned in a verifiable sense, including cars in racing games and guns in first person shooters. 

Think about it this way, you’ve played your favorite racing game for months in order to unlock a car that gives you the advantage in the game. However, once you’ve unlocked the car, you lose interest and decide to start playing another game. Unfortunately, you can’t sell the car you worked so hard to own, nor trade it for an equally valuable tool for another game. 

NFTs have the ability to change all that, and GameStop looks to be on the forefront of innovation in the space through its new hire. While the company didn’t say how much money the job would pay, LinkedIn estimates that the right candidate will earn between $94,000 and $152,000 per year. 

In the posting, the company said it’s looking for someone who’s capable of:

  • A deep understanding of what its gaming partners are trying to achieve with NFTs; 
  • Driving the company’s future growth engine by building relationships with the newest, and largest game publishers in the world;
  • Building a team to help creators launch their projects on the GameStop platform; 
  • Contributing to team projects to develop and refine the company’s processes and vision for the future;
  • Building deep relationships with executive stakeholders across multiple functions;
  • Developing strategic plans for target accounts and identifying required supporting resources;
  • Researching and staying abreast of all NFT and crypto projects and global gaming brands signalling interest in the space;
  • And understanding integrations with different blockchains and Ethereum Layer 2 environments. 

What We Learned From the Job Post

A few things are clear from the job posting, some of the most important including:

GameStop Sees the Value of NFTs

There’s no questioning the fact that NFTs are valuable. That’s why so many big brands are diving into the industry. However, in their job post, GameStop made it clear that they see these tokens as a pivotal shift in the gaming industry, one that allows creators to better communicate with their audiences and players to have ownership over assets within the games they play. 

A Gamestop NFT Platform Is on the Horizon

Several major brands have announced their interest in launching their own NFT platforms. Coinbase, a leader in cryptocurrency trading, is launching its own NFT space and yesterday, Reddit published a job post announcing that it’s doing the same.

Now, with this job posting, it has become clear that GameStop plans on launching its own NFT marketplace, and this may be a big win for the company. After all, GameStop is already known as the one-stop shop for the latest and greatest in gaming. The company’s following is massive, and when it launches its NFT gaming platform, it only makes sense that the following will want to dive in. 

The Company Will Partner With Game Creators

This is nothing new, GameStop has long been known for its partnerships with game creators, and it only makes sense that it’s going to continue to do the same as it ventures into the NFT arena. 

However, there will be a big difference here. 

With its NFT platform, GameStop will be able to greatly expand its partnerships, helping creators develop some of the metaverse’s most intuitive games and generating a significant following because of its involvement. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that with NFTs we are in the midst of a gaming renaissance. While gamers are enthralled with the high-tech graphics they’re able to enjoy in today’s video games, NFTs bring ownership into the equation, which has the potential to create a pivotal shift in how we see the gaming industry. 

With such a massive following and a name that can’t be discounted in the gaming industry, it only makes sense that GameStop is ready to dive into the NFT space, and when they do, they’re likely to make a big splash.