Today has been an exciting day in the world of NFTs. Before we get into the news, we have a few announcements to make surrounding what’s going on here at Meta Masters Media:

  • Meta Masters Media HQ Is Live. First and foremost, we launched the Meta Masters Media HQ, located in Somnium Space. You can check that out here.
  • Free NFT Courses. One of our biggest goals is to educate the community about everything associated with NFTs. We are in the process of launching NFT courses that you’ll be able to take for FREE. These courses will come complete with chapter quizzes and course exams, resulting in a certificate of completion if you pass the exams with a score of 80% or above. The first chapter of the NFT Crash Course will be live in the next couple of days! Check out our new education platform here!

OK, now we’re on to the hottest NFT stories of the day:

Reddit Plans the Launch of Its Own NFT Marketplace

In this Meta Masters Media News exclusive, titled “Reddit Plans the Launch of Its Own NFT Marketplace,” we dive into a new job post that was published by Reddit. Apparently, the giant social network, one that reaches well over 400 million unique users on a monthly basis, is planning the launch of an NFT network. 

In the job post, the company explained that NFTs are growing in both value and popularity, but the most exciting aspect of the industry is the community that surrounds it. The team at Reddit believes that these tokens will create a fundamental shift in how we see digital ownership, and we couldn’t agree more. 

In the job post, the company suggested that there’s an extreme sense of urgency, pointing to the fact that the applicant will need to be able to work fast to create interfaces that have the ability to withstand large influxes of traffic. So, we’re expecting to hear more about the work the company is doing to jump into the NFT space very soon. 

Meta Masters Media Choose Metalink as Its Official Community Network

This is another piece of news that’s big, not just for the NFT community, but for the Meta Masters Media community. We have chosen Metalink as our official community network. In the article, we explain that our team got together in an attempt to create a safe social environment for NFT enthusiasts, but as we did our research, we quickly found that we were making an attempt at recreating the wheel. 

Metalink is a social network designed specifically for NFT enthusiasts, but it’s not like any other social network you’ve ever seen. 

The network is filled with tools for NFT owners, like the ability to track the value of NFTs in your wallet, and the ability to check into other users’ wallets to validate their claims. However, what we find to be the big draw is the company’s gated communities. To join these communities, you must own an NFT the community is centered around. For example, if you want to join the Bored Apes community, you’ll need to own, and be able the verify the ownership of, a Bored Ape NFT. This added layer of security helps to ensure not only that you’ll find an open community filled with like-minded members, but that you’ll be protected from potential scams. 

Creatd surges 68% after announcing a line of Trump NFTs, including an infamous picture of the former president signing a model

In this article on Markets Insider, you’ll learn more about Creatd, a publicly traded company that shot up like a rocket in the market today, gaining a whopping 68% after announcing that it plans on launching a line of Donald Trump NFTs. 

According to the report, the first NFT will feature “three candid images of a young Donald Trump, captured as he signs the breast of a model, surrounded by a crowd at a large formal gala.” The company is hoping to raise a whopping 240 ETH, which at today’s exchange rate works out to more than $1 million, through the sale of the NFT.

The photos are just a few in the company’s OG Collection, a collection that consists of thousands of photographs, illustrations, and videos from the archives of Bob Guccione, who once owned publications like Penthouse and Viva. 

While the company is still in the research and development phases with digital assets, it is working to expand into the space quickly, making a splash with its first sale of the Trump trio on OpenSea. 

Nifty News: The rise of environmentally-focused NFT collections

In this article on CoinTelegraph, the author explores the fact that environmentally-focused NFT collections are starting to take center stage. In the article, the author points to four NFT projects that are either expected to be, or have already become, successful largely as a result of their environmental focus. These projects included:

  • HapeBeast. HapeBeast is a project that recently released a professional teaser video to get the community behind them. The collection features 8,000 unique digital ape avatars. Several experts have pointed to the projects social and environmental awareness as a sign of its success in the future. 
    • Crystallized Ocean. This collection aims to promote ecological sustainability through the sale of artwork that will transform and grow through each sale by algorithmically observing the owner’s wallet identification and history, and combining the data with a multitude of coral patterns and shapes. 
  • The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a collection that will feature several paintings that were actually done by a 15-year old elephant. 
  • WWF Germany. Finally, the World Wildlife Fund of Germany plans on launching its own NFT collection in an attempt to bring further awareness to environmental issues and the preservation of wildlife. 

The Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Potential Of NFTs

In this article on Forbes, the author takes a deep dive into NFTs, but not necessarily the art these unique tokens are built around. Instead, the author points to the social changes that could come about in the art industry, and other industries, as a result of NFTs. 

The author points to the fact that the traditional art world is made up primarily of art created by white males. However, in the NFT world, the color of your skin, and your sex, play no role in your ability to be successful. 

The author points to the industry as a vast open space where social equity can be created through art and acceptance. 

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