If you’re into NFTs, you know that one of the most exciting aspects of this digital art is the community behind it. With each successful NFT project comes a community of thousands of like-minded collectors. The only problem is that there are few secure community networks for these like-minded collectors to safely network.

Sure, there’s Discord and Twitter, but those networks can come with hazards. As with any new, valuable industry, scams are prevalent, and these networks weren’t built to combat scams in the NFT space. 

When we first thought about the issue, the Meta Masters Media team decided it would create its own secure social network for the NFT community. However, as we started to research the concept, we quickly found that we were recreating the wheel. 

MetaLink had already done the legwork, creating a streamlined platform designed to provide a home for conversation; one that’s safe from con-artists trying to weasel their way into people’s wallets. 

What Is Metalink?

MetaLink is a social network that was designed for NFT enthusiasts. It follows along the same lines as Discord in terms of messaging capabilities and general social functionality, but there’s a twist. 

First and foremost, to join MetaLink, you must connect using your crypto wallet. You will also find that the network is made up of several “gated” NFT communities. At the moment, these communities include:

  • Cryptopunks 
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)
  • Cool Cats
  • CyberKongz

There are plans to add more of the established NFT communities in the near future.

So, What Makes These Communities “Gated?”

As mentioned above, when you log into Metalink, you’ll need to connect with your crypto wallet. The network then scans your wallet to verify that you own one of the participating community NFTs. This verification of ownership adds a new level of security. For example, if you’re chatting in a Bored Ape-related Discord, there’s no way to tell whether the person you are chatting with actually owns a Bored Ape. However, when chatting in the Bored Ape community on MetaLink, you know that you’re actually chatting with verified Bored Ape owners. 

The Utility of Connected Wallets in Social Media Goes Further

The opportunities when wallets are connected and verified go much further than simply knowing that the person at the other end of the conversation has a Cryptopunk, Bored Ape, or Cool Cat. The connection makes ownership information for private deals verifiable. 

For example, say you’re in the Cool Cats gated community and someone wants to set up a private transaction to buy one of your Cats. Before engaging in the discussion, you can scroll over the username, and click to see what they have in their wallet. From there, you’ll be sent to OpenSea where their wallet information will be visible. You can also check etherscan to verify that they possess the funds necessary for the purchase.

Community Admins Are Bosses in the NFT World 

The head administrator and founder of Metalink is Jake Udell, an entrepreneur that made it into the Forbes 30 Under 30 as the founder of TH3RD BRAIN, where he molds the careers of electronic dance music’s biggest stars, and has messaging experience as part of the team that started Community.com, a “mailchimp for text” service that has raised over $90MM. Udell is also an NFT enthusiast that’s constantly looking for new ways to bring the community together. 

Digging through the members list on the right side of the platform, you’ll find plenty of other big names, including Banks and Steve Aoki, all of which are active in the communities housed on the platform. Chamath Palihapitiya mentioned Metalink and its “real potential” on a recent podcast.

Beyond the Social & Community Functionality

There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the social and community functionality at Metalink, but as a tool for NFT collectors, the platform is far more than simply a social network. Here are some of the other capabilities you’ll enjoy when you dive in:

Track the Value & Movement of Your Portfolio

If you’re like most NFT collectors, you have a portfolio consisting of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of digital collectibles. Tracking what’s going on in your portfolio at any given time can be a daunting task. Metalink simplifies the process. 

Through the platform, you’re  able to see all the NFTs, and values of those NFTs in your portfolio. Moreover, there’s a handy chart that shows how the value of each piece in your collection has changed over time. 

News Syndication

The news desk for the NFT community is always buzzing. After all, the technology is still emerging and innovation is happening fast. Metalink acts as a news syndicator, offering up all the top NFT-related news from mainstream news providers. 

Top NFT Sales

In this section, you’ll find the biggest NFT sales that have taken place over the last 24 hours. This is valuable information for the collector, and those that trade NFTs as an investment, because it shows which projects are hot, based on the high level of demand.

The Bottom Line

After exploring Metalink, the team at Meta Masters Media decided that we could either recreate the wheel, or get behind the team that did it first. That’s why we’ve chosen Metalink as our official community network, and look forward to giving our members a safe, and resourceful platform for NFT networking.