It’s been another crazy day in the NFT space, with plenty of news hitting the tape. Here are the top stories for Friday, October 22, 2021:

NFTs Are Changing Sports Memorabilia for Good

Captain Willy shared his first exclusive post with Meta Masters Media News today, titled, “NFTs Are Changing Sports Memorabilia for Good.” In the article, Cap starts out by explaining how much fun he had with sports trading cards when he was a kid, ruining them by pinning them to bike frames to let them hit the spokes as he rode. 

Then, he explained that trading cards are changing quickly. The fact is that major brands in sports like the NFL, NBA, and MLB have all either expressed interest in launching, or launched NFT collections of their own. At the same time, icons in sports like Tom Brady, Payton Manning, and Rob Gronkowski have already staked their claim in the industry. 

The article outlines the fact that tokenized playing cards are the way to go as they add more value to their holders than their cardboard counterparts. It’s a great read and we’re looking forward to more contributions from Captain Willy. 

How to Pick the Best NFT Projects to Back

NFT projects are a dime a dozen these days, with new projects launching every day. With so many to choose from, how do you go about making sure you’re backing a project that’s likely to become valuable? This Meta Master Media exclusive explains how.

In the article, we outline the most important aspects to consider including:

  • Community. Community is often outlined as the most important part of the non-fungible token industry as a whole. 
  • Founders. You always want to make sure that the founders of any project are either doxxed or known for being leaders within the space. 
  • Website. The website for the project should be clean and updated regularly. 
  • Utility. How can the NFTs be used? If they are simply art, how rare are they and how was the art created? All of these questions should be asked before diving in. 
  • Work Done to Date. Finally, anyone can sell you a hope and a dream, but the best projects are those that have already put in significant legwork to bring their goals to fruition. 

It’s also suggested that you take the time to ask the creators any questions you have. Creators should be open to answering any questions and active members of the community. 

RGT Cycling to award NFTs as prize purse for Echelon Racing League

In this article, published on VeloNews, the author outlines the fact that RGT Cycling, the creator of the Echelon Racing League, will be awarding NFTs as the prize purse for series winners. The author explains the NFTs have become overwhelmingly popular as of late and that more and more competitions are beginning to offer them as prizes. 

Believe it or not, RGT Cycling isn’t the first to think of the idea. In fact, earlier this year, Meltwater Champions Chess Tour awarded Chess Grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen the first ever NFT trophy in a chess tournament. Learn more about that history-making award here.

Nonetheless, the NFTs as prizes concept is taking off, with RGT Cycling being the next in line to make them a reality. Each token issued will feature one-of-a-kind artwork associated with cycling. Moreover, RGT pointed to the fact that the tokens will have both monetary and intrinsic value. 

Some of the biggest teams in the space are expected to be there, including Rally Cycling, Canyon eSports, Tibco-SVB, Butcherbox, and the U.S. national team. 


This is a huge one my friends. We’ve talked quite a bit about the fact that kids are becoming millionaires by selling NFTs. In fact, we’ve had a whole article on the topic here. Well, according to this article on Black Enterprise, a 12-year old black artist is now the Artist-in-Residence at Time Magazine. 

The young artist, Nyla Hayes is an inspiration that entered the NFT world a short while ago. Today, she is on the cover of TIME for Kids and has the title of TIMEPiece’s first Artist-in-Residence.

Nyla made it big in the NFT space, earning around $4 million from her works to date. Her collection, known as Long Neckie, features a series of NFT pieces depicting diverse women with elongated necks inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus.

There’s no question that Nyla will continue to make waves in the space as her beautiful, yet meaningful art continues to touch the hearts and minds of collectors around the world. 

How to Give NFTs as a gift

Finally, here at Meta Masters Media, we’re about far more than just telling you what’s going on. We want to educate our audience on the world of Web3 and how to use it to your advantage. That’s why we found this article on Investopedia so interesting.

The article outlines the steps you should take if you’d like to give an NFT as a gift. The process is simple. Check out the article to learn more! 

That’s All Folks

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