Ahhh, there’s nothing like sports trading cards. I remember when I was a young buck I couldn’t wait to take my allowance down to the local corner store, buy a couple packs, and see what gems I’d find. Come to think of it, I’d be willing to bet my bike spokes ate up at least ten grand worth of the things in today’s value. 

VVVVRRROOOMMM. Nothing like nostalgia. 

OK, I’m going off track. Where were we….

Oh yea, sports cards, NFTs, I’ve got it. 

Wouldn’t it be great to still have all those cards? What about if you actually owned the image on the card? I’m talking about intellectual property. Imagine being able to print Alex Rodriguez’s rookie card on a t-shirt and sell it. Wow, what an opportunity. 

The Opportunity Is Coming to Life With NFTs

You’ve heard of NFTs, you know, non-fungible tokens. You know that they’re unique tokens that live on the blockchain and come with verifiable ownership, right down to the intellectual property rights of the image or product the token represents. Now imagine that in baseball, football, hockey, and basketball cards. 

Believe it or not, it’s already happening, and it’s happening fast.

I’ll bet you 0.1 ETH that you already know people making NFT’s. I win cause you’ve definitely heard of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady jumped on an NFT project known as Autograph, a project that sold multiple non-fungible sports collections; and Gronkowski jumped on board, launching his own collection. 

YES, we’re talking digital sports cards that live on the blockchain with verifiable ownership and intellectual property! 

Tom and Gronk aren’t the only sports legends that are getting in on the game either. Peyton Manning recently invested in Fanatic’s NFT company, Candy Digital, a company that’s now worth a whopping $1.5 billion. At the same time, DraftKings has launched multiple sports-themed collections and jumped into a partnership with Polygon a short time ago to expand its NFT horizons. 

At the same time, entire sports leagues are hopping in. NBA Top Shot has its own NFT collection and the MLB, NFL, even the PGA is bouncing around the idea of launching its own collection. 

We’re Talking About a GAME CHANGER

In sports, NFTs are like seasoning in a home-cooked meal. Once you’ve had it, you’re not going to be able to live without it. Why? There’s tons of reasons, but most importantly:

  • Your Card Won’t Be Lost to Time. Do you know how many baseball cards I had growing up? It had to be thousands. Today, I might have 20 that made it through the test of time. By storing sports memorabilia on the blockchain it will last forever! 
  • Your Card Can Be Used as a Product. Once you own an NFT, you’re the owner of the art that comes with it, not a copy of the art, but the art itself. You have the intellectual property rights. That’s a huge deal. Not only can a kid show his friends his new playing card, he can print it on a hat and sell it to them, and do it legally! 
  • Royalties. Let’s not forget the benefit to creators, who have the ability to bake royalties into the tokens themselves. Now, the player, league, or franchise won’t just make money the first time the card, or in this case, token, is sold, they’ll earn a royalty every time it trades hands, incentivising the creators to develop high-quality works of art that capture the heart and soul of the sport they represent. 

I’m an NFT guy, and I can tell you the benefits of these things ‘till I’m blue in the face, but you don’t have to be an NFT guy to see the value in a playing card that you not only own, but own the intellectual property rights to, and will forever! 

The Bottom Line

Over the years, I’ve picked teams, supported them by buying cards, jerseys, hats, and decals, and even went to my fair share of games. All of that is locked in my memory as long as my memory decides to serve me. But with NFTs, I can take my team pride to the next level. I can actually own a piece of [insert favorite sports team] history that I can validate as my own through a vast community. What a game changer this technology is becoming! 

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