It’s been a sizzling hot day in the NFT space today with several bits of exciting news hitting the tape. The top five stories are as follows:

Rolls-Royce Commissions Black Badge NFT

In this Meta Masters Media News exclusive titled “Rolls-Royce Commissions Black Badge NFT,” Rare Garbage makes his first appearance to chat about what’s going on with Rolls-Royce and its one-off NFT. The article starts with a throwback that talks about a recent one-off car created by Rolls-Royce for the rapper, Drake and how Rare Garbage would have loved to have seen an NFT with that car. 

Nonetheless, with the company’s next car drop will come a one-off NFT. 

The new vehicle is the next version of the company’s Black Badge, which only about 150 are produced each year. Moreover, the online community is calling it the Ghost Black Badge because the NFT used as the teaser for the release showed a vehicle that displayed some likeness of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. 

There’s not much information surrounding what we can expect to see from the car available at the moment, but it will drop on the 28th of this month. So, keep your eyes peeled. 

The Economist Plans to Sell Cover as an NFT

In another Meta Masters Media exclusive, we discuss the fact that The Economist, an iconic British magazine that touches tens of millions of consumers a month, announced that it will sell its September 18th issue cover as an NFT. 

The cover is essentially a parody of Alice in Wonderland, featuring Allice and a White Rabbit looking down a rabbit hole that’s filled with coins, from bitcoin to ether and more. In the article, we point out the fact that while the sale will make history, it’s not the first non-fungible token to come from a major news outlet. In fact, The New York Times sold a column out of their paper earlier this year for a whopping $560,000. 

The Economist doesn’t plan to line its own pockets either. Every penny of the proceeds generated, after costs, will be donated to a charity that supports education. 

James Murdoch Is Backing a Start-Up That Will Allow Collectors to Buy NFT Art From Galleries Using Old-Fashioned Fiat

A separation is brewing in the blockchain realm, and that separation is between cryptocurrency and NFT. While NFTs live on the blockchain, they are only able to be purchased using cryptocurrency, for the most part. However, plenty of people would like to get their hands on NFTs, but aren’t interested in getting into the cryptocurrency game. 

That’s why James Murdock is backing a start-up, BCA, a NFT-focused startup that’s working to allow customers the ability to buy NFT art using fiat currency. 

The idea behind the startup is to give those who have no crypto wallet and no interest in cryptocurrency the ability to play in the non-fungible token game. 

Fanatics’ NFT company is worth $1.5 billion, and NFL legend Peyton Manning now owns a stake

According to this article on CNBC, Fanatics raised a whopping $100 million for its NFT company, Candy Digital. There were several mainstream investors that took part in the fundraising round, including SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2, Insight Partners, and most notably, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning. 

According to the release, Candy Digital launched in the middle of the sports NFT boom. Sports leagues have been drawn to the technology as a result of the ability to give each NFT a unique and nonhackable certificate of authenticity. 

In fact, some leagues expect for the non-fungible token industry to result in revolutionized ticketing mechanisms. 

Meta4 Capital will invest up to $100 million in rare NFTs

VentureBeat issued a story outlining the fact that venture capitalists are willing to pay massive sums of money to own some of the most rare NFTs. In fact, this article follows the fact that Meta4 Capital is planning on investing up to $100 million in the rarest NFTs it can find. 

The minority-owned fund is no flake either. In fact, it already has backing from Andreesen Horowitz, one of the largest and most well-connected venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. 

While Andressen Horowitz is bankrolling a good chunk of the fund, there was no mention as to exactly how much money the firm would be throwing into the pie. Moreover, Meta4 Capital said it is still raising some of the funds. 

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