I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t want a Rolls-Royce, especially the one-offs the automaker creates like the beautiful piece of art they created in a partnership with Chrome Hearts for that kid… Drake, you know, the rapper guy. One of a kind doesn’t explain it, that car was sick!

Anyway, when I first saw the car, I was in awe. The inside of the car had to be worth at least a million bucks. It was beautiful, but it was missing something. 

As a one-off product, I thought to myself, “why doesn’t this masterpiece come with an NFT, one that immortalizes the beauty that, in real life, will eventually fade?”

I’m Guessing the Tech/High-End Vehicle Gods Heard My Thoughts

I just heard Rolls is at it again with another one-off that’s sure to turn heads. On October 28, 2021, the company plans on unveiling its newest Black Badge car, and if it’s anything like Black Badge models of the past, it’s going to be gorgeous. 

OK, so the Black Badge car isn’t going to be a one-off. There are about 150 of these bad boys rolling off the assembly line every day. Rare, yes, one-off, no. So, where’s the one-off come from? 

Finally, for the first time ever, Rolls-Royce is developing an NFT to go along with the drop of its newest car, and yes, the NFT will be a one-off. Just like the company has in the past, it started dangling the carrot Thursday, offering up a teaser and confirming that the unveiling of the new car will happen later this month. 

But the teaser wasn’t just a teaser, it was an NFT animation created by Mason London, one of the baddest artists in the non-fungible token game. 

The automaker said it will store the NFT in an encrypted wallet at its headquarters in Goodwood, England, but would not give any details on just how valuable the token might be. On the other hand, people are willing to shell out ridiculous amounts of money to own these out of this world cars, so I’d imagine that a one of a kind Rolls NFT would sell for some serious change. 

What About the Car?

A Rolls is a piece of art in itself. Seriously, have you seen one? The sleek appearance both inside and out, coupled with the highest of high tech capabilities makes these cars impossible to ignore. The new Black Badge shouldn’t be any different. 

As is always the case, Rolls Royce didn’t say anything about the details of the car. There were no hints about what’s been upgraded and what hasn’t, what features the car will have, or even what it looks like. That is… unless you check out the NFT animation that came with the confirmation that the Black Badge will be unveiled on the 28th of this month. 

When you look at the NFT animation, you can clearly see that it’s based on the new Ghost, the most affordable Rolls on the market, and when I say most affordable, I mean about a quarter million bucks. 

Anyway, with the car being based on the Ghost, it’s probably going to have a sick, sinister appearance and plenty of power under the hood. Not to mention, if you can dig deep enough in your pockets to own one of these things, it will come with an entire world of ways to customize your car to make it uniquely yours.

That’s about all we know about the car so far, and probably all we’re going to get until its unveiling later this month. 

We’re Going to See a Lot More of This Kind of Thing

Rolls isn’t the only big brand jumping into NFTs. Ever drink Glenfiddich? They’ve got a token dropping soon. What about Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell? Those beautiful ladies have their own lines of NFTs too. 

Look fellas, NFTs are the next big thing. They’re the only verifiable way to own anything in the digital world, and the biggest of the big brands are seeing the opportunities they come with. As Rolls-Royce hops on the scene, we can expect more of the same from more major brands as NFTs continue to change the shape of digital ownership. 

The Bottom Line

NFTs are just about everywhere these days. McDonald’s has ‘em, Glenfiddich has ‘em, even Tom Brady has ‘em, and they’re all crazy successful. So, why wouldn’t a company like Rolls-Royce, or any other brand jump on the bandwagon. We’re seeing the very beginning of this industry and as it continues to grow, more big brands will be diving in, that’s the bottom line! 

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