Mindy Kaling Jumps Into NFTs

Mindy Kaling, an American actress that hit the scene over a decade ago, has made her announcement on the NFT Scene. The announcement came today on what seems to be the official platform of NFT’s; Twitter. The NFT explosion over the past year has drawn in some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, as well as the biggest brand names ie; Arizona Iced Tea, Jay – Z, Visa, Kevin Durant, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski.

Rarible Passes NFT Minting Fee From Creators To Buyers

The marketplace Rarible has announced that they will soon be passing the minting  fee from the creator to the buyer. The new feature commonly known as “lazy minting” will allow artists and creators to make NFT’s with little to no cost to them. Ethereum block chain is the main platform NFTs are being minted on and one of the major drawbacks of the Ethereum block chain has always been high gas fees due to congestion. As congestion increases the gas fee per transaction also increases, thus causing minting fees for NFT artists to increase. Passing on the minting fee to the buyer will allow all artists to showcase and sell their art, leveling the playing field for artists who would otherwise not be able to afford these fees. 

Popular F1 Team Mclaren Racing Launches NFTs Platform On Tezos

British motor racing team, McLaren Racing, has announced the launch of its NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain. Fans and digital art collectors will be able to purchase these NFT’s and to mark the launch the McLaren Racing team has decided to gift the first digital part of the MCL35M race car to the first 5,000 fans that join the platform. Both NFTs and the environment are important to the McLaren Racing team. Their platform is built on the energy efficient blockchain network, Tezos, which was integrated into the leading enterprise NFT solutions provider, Sweet, earlier today.

Playboy launches new NFT project, Rabbitars

It’s been a long journey for the iconic Playboy empire established in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and his associates. Starting from magazines and books to movies, T.V and .com’s playboy has always adapted as technology has, today is no different as they dive into the NFT Rabbit hole. They have announced the launch of their NFT collection “Rabbitars”. This collections consists of 11,953 NFT’s that will be available for public sale 10/27 and if you wish to get on the whitelist for early entry you must visit the discord.