Considering all the buzz among the NFT community, it’s no surprise that there were tons of great bits of news that hit the tape today. Among the hottest stories are:

DraftKings Partners With Polygon to Expand NFT Capabilities

In this Meta Masters Media News exclusive, titled “DraftKings Partners With Polygon to Expand NFT Capabilities,” we talk about the incredible success DraftKings has had as it enters the NFT space. After partnering with Tom Brady’s platform, Autograph, the company has launched a few projects featuring sports stars, all of which sold out nearly instantaneously. 

However, DraftKings isn’t happy with simply launching a collection here and there, it seems as though the company wants to become more ingrained in non-fungible token history. 

To do so, the company partnered with Polygon, a tech company that focuses on scalable NFT market infrastructure, to develop its own market. However, if its strategy is anything like its recent NFT drops, there will be one key difference in the marketplace. Instead of simply accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, DraftKings will likely also accept USD, as it has with all of its collection drops thus far. 

This opens the door to a wider audience, welcoming in sports enthusiasts that either don’t know how to navigate the realm of cryptocurrency or simply aren’t interested in doing so. 

Martha Stewart Dives Into NFTs

In another Meta Masters Media exclusive, titled “Martha Stewart Dives Into NFTs,” we discuss the fact that the iconic celebrity, Martha Stewart, is launching FRESH Mint, a group of NFT collections that will include some of her most iconic works. The brand aims to drop collections for holidays, special events, season changes, and more, all of which will be themed to represent the reason for the drop. 

The first drop by Martha will be known as the Carved Collection, a collection of hand-picked pumpkins from across the state of New York that are carved by iconic artists and founders of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, Marc Evan and Chris Soria. These NFTs won’t just feature carved pumpkins either. They’re expected to incorporate the best pieces from Martha’s halloween costume collection. 

To make this all happen, Stewart is partnering with Tokns Commerce, an end-to-end NFT solutions provider for leading brands, musicians, sports teams and players, and more. Tokns Commerce is the same company that played an integral role in the development of the first ever official non-fungible token collection for an Olympic team, Team GB. 

Paris Hilton reveals custom avatar for Decentraland Metaverse Festival

The author of this article, published on invezz, covered the story surrounding Paris Hilton’s entrance into Decentraland. According to the article, Hilton recently unveiled Genies, a custom avatar from Decentraland’s Metaverse Festival. The Genies avatar was developed by Dapper Labs, a well known brand in the NFT game. 

According to the report, Genies will debut on Decentraland this Thursday through Sunday. According to various reports, Genies both moves and speaks in Paris Hilton’s tone of voice. During the festival Genies will be a DJ, showing off her clothing and apparel which will go on sale as NFTs for community members to buy, sell, and trade. 

Moreover, Hilton said she’d be bringing a special guest, but declined to tell the community who that guest might be, saying only:

“I wish I could tell you about my special guest and what surprise we have in store for you, but I can promise it’s going to be hot.”

Playboy to Unveils “Rabitars” NFT Project

NFTs are making it into all areas of entertainment from art to sports, music, and movie stars. Even the adult entertainment realm Payboy has shaken a few bushes. In fact, the company recently launched its Liquid Summer collection in collaboration with iconic artist, Slimesunday. 

In this article on, outlines the fact that Playboy is launching a new NFT project known as Rabitars. These Rabitars will each be unique depictions of a rabbit character based on the company’s logo. Each rabbit will have a unique combination of background color, fur color, glasses, and props. 

The launch is coming soon too. In fact, the “Rabitars” will be available on the company’s Rabbitars website on October 25, 2021. 

How NFTs could revolutionize the music industry

Throughout the past several stories, we’ve been chatting about the utility of NFTs and how growing utility will ultimately result in major changes across various industries. In this article on HYPEBOT, the author goes into further detail with regard to how these tokens have the potential to revolutionize the music industry as we know it. 

The article outlines several ways these tokens have the potential to effect change. Some of the most important include:

  • Erasing the Middle Man. To make it in music, musicians hire promoters and managers to get their careers off the ground. In the NFT world, there’s no need for this type of middleman to be successful. 
  • More Access for Musicians to Sell Music. The internet itself opened up the doors for the independent article to finally be able to sell his music on his own. In the article, the author points out the the decentralized nature of the non-fungible token community will open those doors even wider. 
  • Royalties without Boundaries. In the smart contracts these tokens are built with, royalties can be included, ensuring that the artist gets a cut every time the token is sold. 

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